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EP55 Do You Know Your Killer Stats?

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP55 Do You Know Your Killer Stats?

Have you ever been in the situation where you are the expert, but you don’t feel like you are presenting yourself as an expert? Perhaps you feel like people are doubting your expertise even though you know deep down that you are an expert in your field – you know your stuff.

This happens a lot for high-performing, high-achieving women – especially when they are in the early years of growing their business.

So, what can you do to improve your communication and deliver the message that you are the high-achieving expert in your field?

Provide statistics.

On today’s show, I explain how knowing your killer statistics and how sharing those statistics with your audience can help you drive home the message that you are trying to deliver as well as where you can research to find relevant numbers about your topic or area of expertise if you are unsure of what those numbers are.

“When you have the relevant numbers about the industry or problem you are trying to solve – your point of view, your argument, becomes very difficult to dismiss.” – Eleanor Beaton


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • What are “killer statistics?”
  • What are some examples of statistics to use in your communication strategy?
  • Why are statistics so important in everyday and business communication?
  • Where can you go to gather information and research statistics in your industry, field, or on the topic you are going to discuss?
  • How many statistics should you have for your presentation, speech, in your marketing or workshops?
  • Where to use your killer statistics within your business?


Where to Use Your Killer Statistics:

  • In your speeches
  • In your workshops
  • In your marketing plans
  • On your LinkedIn profile
  • In your everyday conversations
  • Simply put…. use them everywhere!


My Challenge to You:

Find your killer statistics. Use them in everything you do for your business or career.


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