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EP60 On Becoming a Tech Powerhouse – Eleanor Interviews Katelyn Bourgoin of Vendeve

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP60 On Becoming a Tech Powerhouse – Eleanor Interviews Katelyn Bourgoin of Vendeve
Have you had the idea that you wanted to create an amazing app? Maybe you had an awesome idea for an online software program that could help thousands of people around the world with a specific task? Today’s guest, Katelyn Bourgoin, has been there and done that. She is the founder of Vendeve, an online business network for women entrepreneurs and a powerhouse in the technology industry. She has helped bring women together to network, share ideas and insight, and collaborate and she joins us today to talk about what her experience has been like.

Growing a tech company wasn’t easy, according to Katelyn. Her first business model was unsuccessful – but she learned many valuable lessons from that experience to pivot her business model into a highly successful company. Katelyn has been quoted numerous times in online publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine and is recognized as a powerhouse lady-boss in the technology field.

“The faster you can figure out if people even want what you want to offer and the cheaper you can do it, the better your core product will be.” –Katelyn Bourgoin


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • Katelyn explains what Vendeve is and how women entrepreneurs are using it to build their businesses by building powerful connections with other female entrepreneurs
  • She shares what inspired her to create her company and the lessons she has learned from her previous business failures
  • She talks about how deep in her first business model she was before she realized it wasn’t working and she needed to pivot
  • She explains the ways she could have tested her first product before becoming heavily invested
  • She shares what she feels her biggest mistakes and challenges were while building her first business and making the leap from being a service provider/agency to building a tech company
  • She talks about why it is so important to have the ability to paint the vision for what is possible and the impact it can make on your business
  • She gives us a sneak peek into her Premium Membership Squad project
  • She shares her biggest mindset strategies that help her run and pivot her business


The Importance of Saleswomanship for Entrepreneurs:

  • It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. You need to be able to sell yourself.
  • Take the time to get comfortable with selling yourself.
  • Separate you your feelings about selling.
  • Find a way to sell that feels authentic to you.


Connect with Katelyn Bourgoin:

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