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EP63 Don’t Feed The Weeds

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP63 Don’t Feed The Weeds

Have you ever wondered: how can we create a better world if fear and doubt constantly creep up on us? How can we create businesses that are solid enough to really get our message out into the world and truly make a meaningful impact in the world?

Last week, I attended a Google Hangout with several other thought leaders. These people are powerhouse individuals that will be speaking at the Global Wealth Leaders Conference on September 9th, along with myself. One of the speakers brought a powerful message to the Hangout, talking about how fear and doubt can repeatedly sabotage our best intentions.

I work with countless fierce feminine leaders every year and one of the patterns I’ve noticed throughout my career is that these beautiful, intelligent, successful women often let their fears and self-doubt get in the way of executing their amazing ideas. So, today, I want to share with you a helpful tool I use and you can begin using to help you get over your fear and self-doubt.


Your fear is the most boring thing about you. Your creativity, ideas, and skills – now we’re talking!


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • Fear and doubt are like weeds. They crop up everywhere.
  • When you nurture the fear and doubt, you let the boring trump the fabulous.
  • Nurture your seeds.
  • In order to really deal with fear and self-doubt in the moment, engage in a pattern interrupt.
  • It’s not about banishing fear and self-doubt. It’s about recognizing it and dealing with it like a pro.


What Are Your Seeds?

  • Your Skills
  • Your Creativity
  • Your Ideas
  • Your Passions
  • Your Hope
  • Your Resourcefulness
  • Your Energy to Execute


My Challenge to You:

Try This Pattern Interrupt Next Time You See Your Weeds

  • Yell STOP IT!
  • Clap your hands.
  • Stand up
  • Think about something more positive. Take a relaxing walk, sit on the porch, do something to put your mindset in a more positive place.


Join me on the Global Wealth Leaders Conference Google Hangouts!

The Global Wealth Leaders Conference is quickly approaching and I can’t wait to talk with so many powerhouse entrepreneurs! If you’re unable to attend the conference taking place on September 9, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia – you can join us in Google Hangouts – FOR FREE!

To register for free access to the Hangouts, go to

I can’t wait to see everyone in my Fierce Tribe there!


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