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EP75 How To Negotiate Powerfully with April Howe

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP75 How To Negotiate Powerfully with April Howe

Welcome back, fierce tribe! On Friday, we discussed how you can work less and earn more through negotiating what you want in a warm and firm way. Today, I am joined by Knightsbridge Robertson Surette’s partner and my dear friend April Howe. April has 15 years of consulting and coaching experience, has played an instrumental role in the development of Knightsbridge Robertson Surette’s career transition and HR consulting practice, and works as an instructor in various business schools. She serves on the board of several organizations, including the one that we serve together – The Black Business Initiative – which aids in fostering a dynamic black presence within the business community.

She joins me on the show to discuss how you can claim and hold your power at the big tables and shares her interesting stories about how she learned to step into her power and negotiate for what she wants. She also shares her interesting insight on female diversity in leadership roles and offers powerful tips and advice that you can use to claim your power at the negotiation tables.

You have two choices. To show up like you belong there, or show up like you don’t.


Here’s a Breakdown of Today’s Show:

  • April shares her diverse background and how she got started in her industry.
  • She explains how losing her job lead her to her current line of work.
  • She talks about what she does now to help organizations through the transitioning period of a humane termination processes.
  • She shares her opinion on whether the cliché “when one door closes, another one opens” is true for people transitioning from corporate careers into entrepreneurship.
  • We talk about best practices for entrepreneurs needing to downsize their business.
  • Research shows that inauthenticity is mentally exhausting and can impair a person’s cognitive function.
  • She explains why she is a huge advocate for women entrepreneurs to find a mentor.
  • She offers tips on preparing for contract negotiations.
  • We talk about what diverse women can do to position themselves as elite female leaders.


Tips for Owning Your Power During a Negotiation:

  • Stop asking yourself “if I can” and start asking “how can I.”
  • Get your head into the “I belong here” space.
  • Believe your authenticity is


Connect with April:


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