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My Freelancer to CEO Moment…

Eleanor Beaton

I will never forget the moment I switched from being a “freelancer” to being a CEO.

I had just wrapped up a consulting gig with a celebrity client.

The money was great, but the work was demanding.

I had spent literally ALL my time over a 4-month period delivering on the contract. I was so consumed with the project that I often felt too tired or distracted to be fully present with my husband and growing sons.

When I hit “send” on my final invoice, I was exhausted and creatively tapped….I badly needed a vacation but I felt like I couldn’t afford to stop.

I didn’t have a pipeline — there were no new clients in sight.


Because I had spent so much time in delivery mode that I hadn’t put ANY energy into marketing. No blog posts. No advertising campaigns. No networking. Thus: no prospects in sight.

I felt like I was starting over….AGAIN.

I had enough energy left in me at that point to get ANGRY.

I got into business to have freedom, and in that moment I felt ANYTHING but free.

I was caught in the classic “delivery trap” of service-based businesses…you sell a contract, get so consumed delivering the service that you have no time to market the business.

Can we say, Goodbye growth, hello cash flow crunch.

Which brings me to my “Freelancer to CEO” moment.

I (literally) reached down to my feet and grabbed a (pretend) handful of dirt off my office floor.


“As God is my witness, I will never put myself or my family through this BS again.”

Then I cried into my pillow. (Quietly, so as not to alarm the family.) Then I had a nap. Then I got back to work.

I. Changed. My. Business.

I changed my business model. I changed how I market. And (most importantly!) I changed myself.

It was hard and necessary. I did NOT want to be the mom with no energy for her kids. I did NOT want to experience the night-waking worry of cash flow shortages.

I wanted the time, the money AND the freedom.

And…(insert drums/fireworks/backup dancers) as Beyonce was my witness I would have all three.

I made a lot of mistakes, and I learned some invaluable lessons.

I figured out HOW to scale a service-based business WITHOUT running online courses or major online launches.

Here’s the thing: more than 1820 women start a business every day.

The VAST majority of us start service-based businesses…businesses where WE deliver the service.

When women get caught in the “delivery trap” and look for a way out, we are told “Easy! Start an online course!”

It looks like we only have ONE option.

We are modern independent women. We want ALL the options and we want to choose what works best for US.

It’s possible that you are in the exact position I was years ago, when I had my freelancer-to-CEO moment.

You are sick of trading dollars for hours. You are DONE with working hard, getting amazing results for your clients…only to have to start back at square one when the final invoice is sent.

You want to scale your service-based business and if you hear one more person tell you to start an online course you will smile and say “what a valuable suggestion!” and inside you will scream, because, obviously.

You want to know what your options are, you want to know HOW to scale your service-based business.

If this is you, listen up.

I’m running a 3-hour masterclass for women entrepreneurs where I will walk you through 13 strategies to grow a service based business BEYOND online courses.

The class is LIVE, I’ll be taking questions, and there will be more value packed into those 3 hours than you’ll find in most online courses no one completes anyway.

Seriously, register. You just may need this more than you know.