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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | What Everyone Gets WRONG About the Gender Pay Gap Featuring Dr. Claudia Goldin

What Everyone Gets WRONG About the Gender Pay Gap Featuring Dr. Claudia Goldin

Eleanor Beaton

Modern women receive a lot of instructions about how to address the gender pay gap. We are told to fight harassment. We are encouraged to “know our worth.” We are instructed to negotiate hard for more money. But the difficult truth is that closing the gender pay gap is moving slower than we want. So, what is really driving it?

To understand and dismantle what we think is resulting in the gender pay gap, Eleanor is speaking to one of the world’s foremost experts on the gender pay gap, Dr. Claudia Goldin. Dr. Goldin is a deep researcher, hardcore academic, Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard, and the author of numerous papers and books.

Dr. Claudia Goldin’s work is behind many of the studies and ideas we talk about when it comes to global gender equity, and she’s here to give you a taste of decades of research she’s done in this area. She’s sharing what everyone gets wrong about the gender pay gap, and some of the most important levers we can pull to begin eradicating it.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • What the gender pay gap is.
  • How the gender pay gap is far greater for college graduate women.
  • Why it exists at deep, fundamental levels.
  • How couple equity can result in less gender inequality.
  • What the relative cost of flexibility means.
  • Careers and industries where we see bigger gender pay gaps.
  • 3 core levers that can actually change the gender pay gap.

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