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Power Presence Position Eleanor Beaton | Group Coaching VS 1-1 Coaching

EP531: Group Coaching VS 1-1 Coaching

Eleanor Beaton

As you think about your professional development in 2023, you might be considering what you’re going to invest in as part of your plan for next year. As a coach, Eleanor has led both group mastermind experiences as well as one-on-one coaching containers, and she’s here to share insights that may surprise you about the relative value of group versus one-on-one.

It’s normal for us to assume a one-on-one experience is going to be more tailored, offer more handholding, and therefore, a better investment. However, great businesses are born out of ecosystems and cohorts of people coming together, and Eleanor is here to illuminate why the group coaching approach is so effective for women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Listen in this week to hear the difference between group coaching versus one-on-one coaching, and why the former can be what forges massive growth for you in 2023. You’ll learn how to identify which one you might need, and why the group coaching experience is the way to go if you’re ready to be challenged.

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Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Why the group coaching approach is so effective for women entrepreneurs.
  • The misconceptions most people believe about group coaching versus one-on-one coaching.
  • What has given rise to the most profitable and influential businesses of our time.
  • How to identify which coaching container you need.
  • The difference between group and one-on-one coaching experience.
  • How the group environment has the ability to create the biggest gains for your business.

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