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Growth Mindset – Why You Need to Value the PROCESS (Not Just the Results)

Eleanor Beaton
If you played an instrument or joined a sports team as a kid, you’ve likely heard the phrase: Practice makes PERFECT.

We see the value of the process – patience, discipline, and hard work – that needs to be instilled in our children, but we often fail to see that this same set of values also apply to US.

Decades of research has shown us that most high performers possess a willingness to do just that:

Practice, practice, PRACTICE.

There are many critical business skills that YOU can practice — speaking, creating first-class content, setting boundaries, marketing effectively, converting leads into sales, and a LOT more.

In this episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership, I discuss:

  • Why you need to walk the talk when it comes to instant gratification.
  • Examples of a fixed mindset approach to growth.
  • What I have consistently seen from high-working leaders.

Listen here: