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Power Presence Position Eleanor Beaton | Replay: Growth VS Scaling and Why It Matters

EP525: Growth VS Scaling and Why It Matters

Eleanor Beaton

This week, you’re hearing a replay of a foundational episode every woman entrepreneur needs to hear. The one thing we have in common as female leaders is a greater mission. Cash is great, but if you want to go after even more than that, you need to understand the difference between growth vs scaling.

On this episode, Eleanor is exploring the difference between growth and scaling, and why this differentiation matters so much. Using these terms interchangeably is contributing to more confusion and stress than necessary in the entrepreneurial world, so if you want to be supremely intentional about what you’re creating, making this distinction is vital.

Join Eleanor on this episode to discover the difference between growth and scaling, and how to intentionally decide which you’re working towards. Eleanor is sharing why you might currently feel conflicted about growth, how to design your business based on scale, and why doing so will inject simplicity into your mission and produce more cash, influence, and autonomy.

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Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • The difference between growth and scaling, and why this differentiation matters.
  • What happens when you use the terms growth and scaling interchangeably.
  • Why focusing on growth produces more pain and headaches.
  • The model of growth that every female founder needs.
  • Why unintentional growth is the ultimate cash-sucker.
  • How to inject more simplicity into your business and mission.
  • The 3 principles of scale, and how to design your business through scaling.

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