Women entrepreneurs CRAVE deep conversations, actionable insights and practical takeaways not simply from academics or management consultants...but from other women entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. In Her First Millions we lay bare the real, raw secrets of building a multi-million dollar business as a woman entrepreneur in Canada.

Eleanor Beaton

You Will Uncover...

  • “Behind the scenes” glimpse into what it really takes to have rare ambition, and bring a big entrepreneurial dream to life.
  • Powerful Million Dollar Moves that helped our panellists cross the 7-figure mark
  • The role of mindset and attitude: Starting and growing a successful business requires resilience, determination, and a positive mindset. We will delve into how these leaders have developed and maintained the right mindset to succeed, and how to cultivate similar strategies in your own business.

Whether you are a brand new entrepreneur in startup, or a seasoned founder looking to scaleup, this powerful discussion with the Safi Media and TD community is not to be missed!

Our Speakers

These are successful entrepreneurs who have built their businesses from the ground up and have great advice to help others grow their business

Eleanor Beaton


Eleanor Beaton is a globally recognized expert on women’s entrepreneurship, and has served as an advisor on women’s leadership at the Yale School of Management. She is the founder of Safi Media, and she;s on a mission to double the number of women founders who sustainably scale past $1M in annual revenue. She has run high ticket coaching programs for women founders since 2015. Connect on LinkedIn.

Catherine Choi


Catherine Choi is the founder of SoYoung, a heart-centred consumer products brand which offers beautiful and functional bags for life on the go. What is unique about SoYoung is that it has also become a voice for healing and transformation, where Catherine shares her story of turning pain into purpose, starting with her recovery from drug addiction over 25 years ago to now living a life that is purposeful, intentional and peaceful. SoYoung’s brand message is about having the courage to continuously hold a higher vision for oneself and then every day taking small steps in that direction. When this is done for long enough, and consistently enough, transformation happens - and the story of SoYoung is truly a testament of this.

Marcia Hilliard-Baird


Marcia Hilliard-Baird has built Spa Dent into one of the leading oral care manufacturers in Canada, using natural and organic materials to produce oral care products for adults, kids and pets. From the company’s early days in Waterloo, Ontario, to a highly rated 20,000 square foot GMP Certified facility in Cambridge, Marcia and Spa Dent have seen immense success. Marcia takes pride in Spa Dent being named one of the “Game Changing” female-led companies developing natural and bio-based products by Natural Products Canada, and manufacturing on a large scale for national retailers under their own labels. Marcia loves to inspire others and laugh; she is passionate about what she does and hopes for everyone to find that same passion in life. Her ultimate goal is to show everyone what dedication and a genuine care for the betterment of people’s well-being can achieve.

Jennifer Monico


Jennifer is currently the Regional Manager, Women in Enterprise, Central Canada at TD. Her primary role is to facilitate the success and growth of women entrepreneurs and women-led businesses. She collaborates with external partners that can provide education, mentoring and community support to women entrepreneurs. She also works with Business Bankers in the field and provides them tools and resources needed to better identify and engage with female business owners successfully. She has a passion for helping business owners and giving back to the community. She volunteers with Quest Community Health Centre, Heritage Green Community Trust, Helpaws Animal Rescue.

She currently lives in Stoney Creek with her two teenagers and two dogs and loves to spend her free time travelling, exploring wineries in Niagara and doing hot yoga.

Jennifer Longmore


Jennifer Longmore, Forensic Investigator turned international Soul Purpose and Money Mindset Expert, is a sought after media personality, 10-time best selling author, and creator of the #1 spiritual development training school in the world.

For over 17+ years she has been helping people remember who they really are through over 30, 000 life purpose sessions, including the who's-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO's of leading companies, and other influential luminaries. When she is not running her soulful empire, and playing adult monopoly with her various investments, you can find her exploring crystals and making essential oil blends with her son, enjoying out-of-the-box adventures with her husband, and breathing in fresh air with her fur baby on long hikes.


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