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How to Make Decisions Like a 7 Figure CEO – Ep 386 Transcript

Eleanor Beaton

You are listening to Fierce Feminine Leadership episode number three hundred and eighty six, How to Make Decisions Like a Seven Figure CEO.

Welcome to Fierce Feminine Leadership. The Success Podcast for Women in Business. Each week we feature interviews and advice to help you step into your power and lead your way. Now here’s your host, women’s leadership expert Eleanor Beaton.

Hello, my friend, Eleanor, Beaton here. And welcome back to another episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership.

The success podcast for ambitious women in business. Oh, my goodness. I’m so excited to be here with you guys. It’s 20/20. There’s a brand new year starting a brand new decade. And I am totally fired up about it. I’ve got to say, totally fired up to really fulfill my mission over the course of the next decade. So super excited about it. And speaking of big missions, I’ve got two questions for you.

Why not you and why not now if you’re listening to this show, if you been a loyal listener of the show. It’s because there’s a big part of you that feels called to step up, to become your potential. And this is your time. And what I’ve seen so often when it comes to truly iconic business leaders and women, is that the thing that separates those who become what they are capable of becoming from those who never quite make it. There is something that I call a baller move. So a baller move is a bold, decisive action that powerfully alters your trajectory. It basically leaves an imprint on your DNA. To paraphrase the author, James Clear, a bolt baller move casts a decisive vote for the woman you are becoming. And so no baller moves, no baller baller moves, baller CEO. OK, let me give you a couple of examples. And again, the halls of business greatness are marked with men and women who have made one baller move after another. So the course of their career. So let’s talk about Bob Iger from Disney becomes the CEO in 2005. The Disney Company was in trouble at that point and basically over the next 14 years spearheads a major revitalization of the Disney and brand through his strategy of acquisition. OK. So they acquired Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox. Disney is a powerhouse today, way more than when we were kids growing up watching, you know, Sunday night, Disney movie or show or whatever it was. Now, you might feel that, you know, using Disney as an example is a little bit far fetched. So I wanted to share with you some examples of baller moves on a smaller scale.

For instance, I’m thinking about one entrepreneur who I worked with inside the incubator who really decided it was time for her to start stop tolerating smallness. It was time for her to through her bold, decisive action, through her bold moves to cast votes for the powerhouse CEO she had inside her. And so over the course of a two year period, she fired a number of staff members who were holding her back. She doubled her rates and she began being much more visible in her marketing and basically grew revenues from about 300000 to over a million within a two year period. So pretty incredible case study, I think about my own experience. There was a time when starting this show was a baller move for me. You know, it really took a lot of big gulp, you know, to make the commitment to a weekly show. And of course, when I started during three episodes a week, but that was a baller move, hiring my first full time employee was a baller move, really making that transition from contract team to full time team, launching a high ticket flagship program that was again, a baller move. And what I have seen again and again through the research that I do and the ongoing work with women entrepreneurs and of course, my own experience is that the bigger the baller move, the bigger the impact. Now we’ve covered Baller Moves to great success. Before you can check out Episode 3 5 4. We got so much feedback on baller moves.

And because I think you inherently know that you’re just one baller, move away from your next big breakthrough.

But I realized as I was going back through what I didn’t offer you and where there’s really space for us to dig a little deeper isn’t the area of how do you execute a baller move, you know, how do you actually do it? And especially, you know, if you are experiencing a plateau, if you’re experiencing any kind of stagnation, if you’re at this level and you really want to break through to the next one. And I know so many of you who are listening to the show or at that very place, you’re on the precipice. Right. You are trying to make the breakthrough and you’re not sure how to do it. And you’re trying. All these itsy bitsy incremental things, my friends, you are ready for a ball or moves. I’ve shared that before, but this time I’m going to share with you how to do it. And so ultimately have created a five part podcast series starting today. It’s called The Anatomy of a Baller Move. And so over the course of five episodes, I’m going to be breaking down the components of a baller move and walking you through a carefully planned process on how to on lock. Unleash the power of baller moves in your business. OK, so we’re going to talk about seven figure decisions. OK. And that’s what we’re covering in this episode. We’re going to talk about gathering evidence and really separating fact from fiction when it comes to getting a good handle on what’s going on in your business and your industry and making decisions from that place. We’re going to talk about how your crew shapes your reality and how you need to be very careful and discerning about who you are. You know, taking advice from and surrounding yourself with. We’re going to talk about your willingness to make commitments and relinquish control. And we’re also going to have a very special guest on to talk about maintaining the energy and the vitality that we need to commit to Baller Moves.

When I think about the men and women out there who are bringing it, you know, they’re leaving it all on the floor, all on the court. They are playing full-out.

They have a massive commitment to their health, you guys, because there’s no other way that energy has got to come from somewhere. The vibration has to come from somewhere, and that comes from your physical being. And so we’re gonna be talking about that physical and emotional being, I should say. So we’re going to be talking about that with a special guest as well. So make sure if you haven’t already subscribed, make sure that you do because you do not want to miss any one of this five part series on baller moves that we’re going to be releasing. Same time, same place over the course of the next five weeks. So, again, if you haven’t subscribe to the podcast, go ahead and do that because you are just one baller. Move away from your next breakthrough. And speaking of subscribing to the podcast, wanted to take a quick minute to do a listener highlight. Thank you so much to Ariana d.g. She says, First of all, I have to say, ELEANOR. Her team put together an incredible lineup of podcasts that so thoughtfully discuss business challenges and offer solutions to women who are running and growing six and seven figure businesses. Her passion and love for what she does is so apparent, but even more so apparent is that she cares about us are learning and growth as founders, business owners and entrepreneurs. Not only is she generously giving proven advice in her programs, but she also goes above and beyond with her time an in-depth program offerings, which she advertises at the end of her shows. As a founder who loves learning and stretching beyond my current limitations, I find it invaluable to know what resources she has created that I can get through her coaching company to take me to the next level. Thank you so much, Ariana. DG I so appreciate that very thoughtful Five-Star Review.

So if you’ve been a listener to the show and you care to leave me review, I would so, so appreciate it. OK. So let’s talk about what we’re going to do today. So today I’m walking you through a three step process to help you make seven figure decisions. OK. So the heart of a baller move, right, making taking things up a notch, committing to some bold, ambitious project that’s going to elevate your business decisively. It starts with a decision. OK. And here’s the thing. And I say this with love. A lot of you guys are making four figure decisions. OK. You’re making decisions like a thousand dollar decision here, a thousand dollar decision there. What do I mean by a thousand dollar decision? Should I read a social post about this or should I read a social post about that? What should the headline of my blog be? Okay. Right. All right. Am I going to go to this conference or not?

And I’m not downplaying the importance of smaller decisions like that. I mean, you know, our results are really the compound effect of our habits, of course. Some of you guys are making decisions that are putting you in debt. You weren’t deciding to not ask for the sale. You were deciding to spend weeks and weeks preparing and like no time doing. You were deciding not to fire a probable employee. We need to get you making the seven figure decisions that are the foundations of your baller moves. OK. So if you want to go and figure out, should I post this or should I post that? There’s lots of people out there who could help you make those four figure decisions. I want to help you make those seven figure decisions. That again. I’m not saying that these itsy-bitsy decisions are not important. They are. We’re making them every day. I’m making them every day. But I want you to devote more of yourself and more of your energy to the big trajectory shaping decisions that you are putting off right now. Maybe because you’re scared or maybe because you don’t realize how important they are or because maybe nobody has pointed this out to you. All right. And I’ve been here with you. So understand again, as always, this is coming from a place of love.

But you’ve got to understand, you don’t have time to waste girlfriends. You’ve got a mission to fulfill. Time is ticking. There is no rush. But you do want to move quickly. OK, move fast. Don’t hurry. So we need to get you making those seven figure decisions that are the foundation of your baller move. And so we’re going to get you into action around a ball or move on this podcast. And I want you to think about Bob Iger from Disney. OK. And the njt, the turnaround. But he was able to engineer. So, you know, he paid four billion dollars to acquire Marvel. Do you think that was the first baller movie ever made? Not a chance. That massive success, that major baller move that has really transformed Disney into a major global powerhouse, far that far exceeded its power have been significance for him even before he stepped to the helm of the company that came on the back of the habit of betting on himself and making bold moves. And so that’s what we’re going to talk about here, how you begin to cultivate the habit of making those decisions. Now, there’s a three step process here, and I have prepared a baller move decision matrix for you.

I know you’re probably driving or listening to this while you’re working out. So these are actually this is actually the very decision matrix I use when I am really thinking about and summoning. I call it the summoning when I’m really undergoing the summoning to cultivate the conviction and the radical conviction commitment that I need to make a baller move. OK. As you can get this at baller move dot com, it’s just a simple download. It’s a two pager. It takes you through these three major steps that have some sort of sub journaling questions inside them.

Very, very powerful to help you clear your own mind and make your next seven figure decision. OK, so go to to download it. All right. And that’s called, of course, the baller move decision matrix. So step one is to get future grounded. You cannot solve the problems you’re experiencing at the level of awareness that created them. OK, that’s Einstein. So I want you to think about the problems that you may feel you need to make a decision on. Do I invest in the sales team? Do I launch this high ticket program? Do I cut this segment of my audience? Do I expand into this foreign market?

Do I triple my prices? OK. It’s just all these different decisions and baller moves that you’re looking at. And you’re making these baller moves in order to solve a problem that you’re currently experiencing. But until you get future grounded, you are looking at your problems from the level of awareness that has created them. So what I’m doing to help you make seven figure decisions, they are reverse engineered. My friends, from the outcome you want to create, seven figure decisions are reverse engineered from your future state, from your future goal. OK, so step number one is to get clear on your five year impossible goal or your 10 year impossible goal. And this concept of an impossible goal is this idea of a goal that is so big. You actually don’t know how you’re going to get there and that not knowing how is actually quite important because not knowing how forces you it gives you an opportunity, opens you up to exponential thinking versus incremental thinking, which is always obsessed with the how in the detail. OK. And then for that reason and if you have to know exactly how you’re going to make something happen, you’re typically creating it from your current level of awareness. You know, it prevents you from really thinking big. This is the problem that so many of you guys have right now. So flash forward to your 5 year or 10 year impossible goal. OK, so why 5 year or 10 year? Simply because for some of you you’re so attached. It’s if you haven’t yet trained your brain to think really expansively, to think elaborately about what is truly possible.

You have not trained yourself to believe in your limitless potential. OK. And so because of that, I would encourage you to think through a five year goal, something that feels a little bit closer to where you are right now. But for me and for some of the others of you, let’s go 10 year. OK. And so the question is, what is your impossible goal? What is your impossible goal for the world? And what is it for you? OK. So an example of my five year goal. This doesn’t actually feel impossible. So my real impossible goal is, is my 10 year goal. This does not feel impossible. It used to. All right. It used to. But I’ll give you an example. So my five year goal for me, it’s 20 million in revenue with a 50 percent profit margin. I’m running the world’s most respected coaching company for women entrepreneurs. I have. And that’s sort of what it is. OK, for me, I have powerfully altered the DNA of my family and ancestors by being an example of what commitment to your dreams can achieve. OK. That is like a burning desire. That’s my gritty wife. And then for the world, I have advanced gender equity worldwide by empowering one hundred thousand women entrepreneurs to step into seven figures in annual revenue. OK. So that’s that big. That’s where I am. Five years. You’re having a conversation with me five years from now. That’s where I’m at. And I. It is as though it is written in stone.

Right. It is. It is she, that woman who’s accomplished those things with the help of other people? Of course. She’s stand. I can almost reach out and touch her. That’s how hard I believe in that. OK. So over to you. You know, what is your impossible five year tenure goal? What is it? What is it for the world? What is it for you? OK. So that’s the first question in terms of getting future Grant. The second question is, who argue in that moment? And this is where you start to connect with that future self. Who are you in that moment? Tell me about that woman. I think about that woman five years from now. I have so much I have so much reverence for her. You know, I love that woman. I listen to that woman. I talk to that woman. I ask her questions. I ask her guidance. I’m obsessed with her. And yes, she’s me. You know what I mean? Who are you? I know where she lives. I know what she looks like. I know what her body is like. I know the kinds of relationships that she has in her life. I it’s like I said, I can reach out and touch her, my friends. OK. That’s my future self. So you’ve got to ask yourself, who are you in that moment? All right. And then there’s three more questions I want you to ask her. What message do you have for me? What do you want me to know right now? And with respect to whatever your current situation is that you’re trying to decide about, what bold choice did we make? OK, so again, if you go to Boller, move dot com.

I have these questions written out in a worksheet for use that you can just journal. But these questions are so deeply, deeply powerful. They are completely life altering when you take them seriously and give yourself the time to think these through. And it feels super woo-woo. I know, but here’s what I find happens a lot. Women entrepreneurs underestimate ourselves. We understand we turn away from the powerhouse next level leader that is inside of us. She is a seed. She’s a seedling in there and we have to give her space to grow. And the space that she needs to grow is the light of our attention and time and reverence. OK, so take the time. Go to baller. Move dot com. Download the worksheet. I love to do this at 5:00 in the morning. I’ve done my yoga, I’ve done some meditation, I’ve done some journaling. And I’m sitting with her and I do this before I start my day. OK. So that’s step one. Get future grounded. Now, here’s what you will notice. Your future self is wise and she speaks to you simply, plainly and with great power, simply, plainly and with great power. I’ll give you an example. I was having a conversation with her recently and I was asking her what message do you have for me? And again, she was so close. It’s like I can reach out and touch her, you know?

And she says, just get me the team. That was it. Just get me the team.

All right. Powerful and it is exactly where I need to be and what I need to do. And it was insight delivered clearly, plainly with great love and with expectation right from myself that I’m going to listen to what my future self has just instructed me to do on behalf of us. All right. So that’s step one. Step two is now you have received this counsel, OK? And in some cases, that counsel is going to be like, whoa, OK. Oh, my gosh. And then you get back into your current self and your current self. Right? Your current self is the level of awareness that’s creating these problems you’re experiencing. And that’s life. There’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s just like a fact. That’s just what it is. And so that current self is going to feel afraid of the ball or moves your future self is saying, look, it’s done. You can join me and you’re gonna be on this trajectory with me. You’re going to be that. Twenty five million dollar CEO. Twenty million dollars CEO. And here the baller moves that we made. OK, current self is like freaking out about that. Right. Because that’s what we know do. So step two is about mitigating risk. So you’ve created this baller move. Now it’s about mitigating risk around it. So she gave you a message. All right. She there was a decision that you needed to make about a bold action that you want to take. She gave you a decisive, some decisive insight. She told you what to do. Now you need to calm yourself down. And we do that through mitigating risk. So you go through these questions.

What’s the best thing that can happen when I take this ball move? What’s the second best thing that could happen when I take this bold move? What’s the worst thing that can happen? How would I handle this worst outcome? What challenges can I expect to experience from moving through this baller move? And what practical steps can I take to address those challenges? So here we are thoroughly. We have tapped into our intuition, into our future self, and now we’re using our intellect in an effective way by leveraging the power of our intellect to thoroughly think through the baller, move to prepare us. OK. So again, get the worksheet is going gonna be super helpful for you if you if you don’t want to pause this and go back. So, again, I’m going to give you an example. So I have an amazing client who is putting on a major event in 2020. And it’s a baller move. It’s a decisive baller move. Right. Bringing in some top guns to speak, making the big investment. It’s just it’s just gorgeous and delightful. Right. She’s getting so much support around it. It’s it’s just it’s transformative. It’s very cool and exciting. If you’re listening, you know who you are. So let’s go through what’s the best thing that could happen? The best thing that could happen is it’s a knockout success. It totally and firmly positions her in her industry. It gets her a ton of media exposure. It gets her a ton of clients and referrals. Just you know, and it ultimately is responsible for probably about a million in revenue over the course of the next twelve months. OK.

On its own, in addition to what she’s already creating through other streams. So that’s probably the best thing that could happen. Minimum. Right. What’s the second best thing that could happen? It does. Like she gets half those results are 80 percent of those results. That’s the second best thing that could happen. What’s the worst thing that could happen? The worst thing that could happen when you really take a look at it is that she’d probably be out maybe 30 grand. And this is a business that could totally absorb that, by the way. OK, maybe loses about 30 grand, maybe. And that’s if 0 people come 0 sponsorship happens. No interest. People are just like, wow, never. You know, that’s the absolute worst. Very, very, very unlikely. But that’s the absolute worst thing that could happen. Then the question is, how would you handle that worst outcome? Well, if the worst outcome is losing 30 grand, all she’d probably have to do would be to hustle a little harder over a four week four-month period to close a couple more clients. I mean, to clients and not money that that more than makes that up. OK. What challenges might she experience from executing on this baller move? Probably the single biggest challenge that she would experience is filling the event, making sure she can get butts in seats. So what practical steps could she take to address those challenges? She can work on her messaging. She can develop a content strategy. She she can work out partnerships to help and for people to help promote. She can, you know. So those are all different steps that she can take. So you can see when you go through this exercise, what you start to do is get clear, like voice those worst case scenarios and think through take them series and think through how you might address them.

But it’s using our intellect, the way our intellect is supposed to be used to help us logically think through this rather than using our intellect to innovate, to invent. But you know, but not acknowledge major horror stories in the background. OK, so that step two and then step three is all about moving into action. OK, so we’ve gone from intuition and visioning into planning. And that’s all for nothing if you don’t actually take an action. And so that step three, make a micro baller move. So with respect to your baller move that you’ve committed to. What’s one step that takes less than two minutes that you could take to get this step into motion? OK. So in this case, she could email the venue to get a quote. She could email the speaker to get the speaker’s fees. In my case, you know, when I made the baller move back in the day to start my podcast, my micro baller move that took less than two minutes was I emailed the podcast producer to find out what it would cost me. Got it. So if you want these three steps in details that you can work it through. Just go to You can get the decision matrix there. And so next week we’re going to be exploring the second part and the Baller Move series, which are false facts. So when it comes down to making baller moves, your ability to determine what is true and what is this story you’re convincing yourself is true is everything. So come back next week, same time, same place. Episode number 387.

And we’re going to explore false facts and help you. Leaving them can derail your leadership. All right. Thank you so much for listening, my fine friend. We will see you next week. Bye bye.

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