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How to pitch prospective clients TODAY (The Non Desperate Way)

Eleanor Beaton

Are you looking for new revenue streams that will keep your cash flow going TODAY?

Has the ongoing crisis got you uber-focused on how to close sales NOW to ensure your business continues?

Entrepreneurs — you know you need to sell in order to keep your business going.

But the last thing you want to do — especially right now —  is to have your business development efforts come off as desperate or clingy.

The truth is, you WANT to book meetings with people you haven’t connected with in ages…

Because the future of your business DEPENDS on your ability to keep cash flow going…

But you’re not sure how to do it in an elegant way. 

Help is coming. 🙂

Join me for this episode of The 2%: Scaling Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs, where I share a simple framework to help you pitch prospective clients in a way that BUILDS (rather than compromises) your credibility and reputation.

Watch it here:

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