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How to Sell to Women with Eleanor Beaton

EP508: Re-Release: How to Sell to Women

Eleanor Beaton
Eleanor Beaton
EP508: Re-Release: How to Sell to Women
In this re-release episode, we’re exploring one of the most powerful forces driving the global economy: women buyers. Let’s do the math: women buyers and leaders control over $18 trillion dollars’ worth of purchasing power and $90 trillion dollars’ worth of private wealth. We have so much spending power, and yet, we’re hugely underserved and misunderstood by the very companies trying to sell to us.


Whether you’re a part of the women-helping-women economy or not, women are key influencers and decision makers in your sales funnel. Massive opportunities exist when you know how to sell to women, so Emaan Abbas, founder of luxury feminine and intimate wellness brand KETISH, as well as author, speaker, and authority on female consumers Bridget Brennan are here to share their powerful, practical, and battle-tested ideas to help you create a company women love buying from.


If you’re ready to tap into the $18 trillion dollar female consumer opportunity, this episode is your how-to guide. You’ll discover why so many companies have failed in their attempts to appeal to the female market, and three strategies for building trust with, connecting with, and selling to women buyers.

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          Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:
  • Why you definitely want to learn how to sell to women.
  • How so many companies directed at women have failed to appeal to the female consumer.
  • 3 strategies to help you build trust with, connect with, and sell to women buyers.
  • Why sharing your personal why behind your company is especially vital for selling to women.
  • How to demonstrate authenticity and transparency to smart women buyers.
  • Why you need a deep and sincere passion for what you sell.
  • How to create a business that women love buying from.
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