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How to use your pain points to create growth assets

Eleanor Beaton

Herewith, a most useful growth insight I have learned from a Saas mentor named Dan Martell: entrepreneurs do not grow INTO pain.

If growth means more pain and overwhelm, you won’t do it. 

You will come up with a lot of smart-sounding reasons for why you shouldn’t grow, but those reasons will likely be bewl shyte half-truths that mask the legit fact that…

Entrepreneurs don’t grow into pain. They avoid pain like every other sentient being.

Therefore it follows that a simple way to generate growth is to identify the pain points and then address THOSE.

But knowing you have a pain point…and actually DOING something (smart) about it, are two different things.

This week on the podcast, I share a simple process to help you take the pain points that are currently blocking your growth…

And create GROWTH ASSETS to help you not only address the pain…but MOVE THROUGH the pain as well. 

I was experiencing some pain around marketing in 2022. So I walked myself through both the Pain Point to Growth Asset tool which I walk through in THIS week’s podcast…

And it helped me envision, recruit and hire a really great team member who will remove growth obstacles and open up tremendous opportunity for your girl and Team Safi in 2022.

It’s 20 minutes of perspective that will help you make better decisions in your business this year. Go check it out. 


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