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Power Presence Position Eleanor Beaton | You, The Innovator with Katrine Marcal

EP519: You, The Innovator with Katrine Marcal

Eleanor Beaton

If you’re a creator and entrepreneur, chances are you are most definitely an innovator. However, if you’re a woman raised on our planet, it’s also extremely likely you’ve faced that universal experience of having your ideas ignored, or the gravity of what you have to say diminished, only for someone else to table your idea weeks later, and suddenly, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

This week, Eleanor is exploring the concept of You, The Innovator, and is joined by financial journalist and best-selling author on women and innovation, Katrine Marcal. Katrine’s newest book, Mother of Invention: How Good Ideas Get Ignored in an Economy Built for Men was an instant best-seller, so they’re digging into the core themes around women and innovation Katrine has uncovered and exposed.

Tune in to hear Eleanor and Katrine explore the big world consequences of women’s innovations being ignored and diminished, and the socialization that prevents us from recognizing ourselves as such. Katrine is offering her insights on the economic history around women and innovation, and how men’s ideas are seen as technical versus women’s ideas natural creative projects.

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Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • How women’s ideas and innovations have historically been ignored to the detriment of the planet.
  • Katrine’s personal connection to the notion of having her ideas ignored in an economy built for men.
  • What surprised Katrine in her research for her newest book, and what her research process looked like.
  • The role of gender bias in the universal experience of women’s ideas and innovations being ignored.
  • Why it makes sense to innovate for women and back female entrepreneurs in the consumer market, and why we don’t.
  • How the identity of innovator isn’t accessible or relatable to women.
  • Why men’s ideas are seen as technical and women’s ideas are perceived to be a feminine extension of who they are.
  • Katrine’s insights on how to start seeing ourselves as technical innovators.

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