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One of my biggest insights on scaling a service business

Eleanor Beaton

Here is a simple law about service businesses: the results you achieve have less to do with how good YOU are…

And a LOT to do with how good your clients are. 

Therefore, a simple and often overlooked reality of scaling a service business is that you must stop tolerating sub-standard clients. 

Before the Worthiness Police sic their dogs on me, understand this: a sub-standard client is NOT less valuable as a human, or as an organization. 

At best, sub-standard clients are simply NOT A FIT for you. 

At worst, they exhibit the following types of behaviours:

  • Whining
  • Transferring their personal or internal problems on to you
  • Not taking accountability
  • Not implementing
  • Not putting in the work
  • And so much more!!!

Sub-standard clients are dangerous because they contribute the majority of headaches, take the least ownership and therefore generate the poorest outcomes.

Substandard clients are dangerous because they will make you question whether you want to scale AT ALL. 

Thus, the simplest and most overlooked way to scale is to eliminate all sub-standard clients effective immediately. 

Personally, I call this my LeBron James rule. 🙂

LeBron James is a legendary professional basketball player who elevates everyone around him. In general, his teams always do really, really well.

My personal goal for marketing is not to “attract the masses”, but rather to “recruit LeBrons.” 

Our sales process isn’t designed to “convince millions of yeses” – rather, it is designed to carefully and kindly weed out non LeBrons. 

(Ergo, if you are a client and you are reading this, understand that YOU ARE LEBRON!!!)

And finally, this means that our team members and clients get the massive benefit of working with and collaborating with superstar clients who take ownership, take action, handle their business and elevate people around them. 

THIS is one of the most enjoyable ways to scale a service business. It starts by getting clear on who YOUR LeBron is. We do that in The Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator, and you can apply to join us to help you scale in 2022.

In closing, I would like to introduce you to 3 incredible women whom I regard as LeBron-level leaders. 

Our Incubator client Stacy Mayer released her book Promotions Made Easy this month. It’s a fantastic read and I was honoured to write the forward. Go check it out. 

On today’s podcast, I share a FUN conversation with Chela Breckon about how she is scaling a distinctly feminist business. Chela is a graduate of the Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator, and a current member of our Incubator for female founders. Listen to the episode

And last week, I was a guest on the Life After Corporate podcast with the brilliant Deb Boulanger, where I shared my biggest insights on scaling. Deb is a graduate of our Incubator for female founders. You can find her show on any of the podcast players!


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