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How to Insource Approval, Outsource Willpower

Eleanor Beaton


Growing up, my motivation came from a singular source:


My parents didn’t have to tell me to do my homework. I was on it.

They didn’t have to tell me to practice for my cross-country race. I was already pounding the pavement.

I was a kid with a deep INNER source of willpower.

But as I began building my business, it was clear that grit, determination and A+ time management skills were not enough.

Willpower is finite. Despite your exceptional focus, your record of high performance and the powerful strategies you’ve collected over the years, you are still HUMAN, and when the tank is empty… it’s empty.

The success or failure of my business was simply too heavy to hang on my grit and determination alone.

So I outsourced it. 

I built my team. I hired a personal trainer. I spread out my need to make every decision, to implement each new idea.

And once I created those structures, I had the brain power I needed to make the big decisions that would really make an impact in my business.

This week’s episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership is about your need to  INSOURCE approval and OUTSOURCE willpower. Listen here:

Listen here.