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The leadership skills required to build a business

Eleanor Beaton

I often find leadership development advice impractical for female founders of small companies.

For instance, you cannot tell me that “building a thriving workplace culture” is priority number one for a solo-entrepreneur who is drowning in 1:1 client work.

It’s all about focusing on building the right skill at the right development stage of your company.

Furthermore, I have seen a TON of women business owners stall the growth of their business because they need to STOP inhaling Brene Brown (whom I LOVE BTW) and start figuring out how to identify and build business systems.

Vulnerability is a massively important skill. But you can’t “vulnerability” your way past crappy systems. 🙂 I wish you could. But you can’t.

In this week’s 18-minute podcast, I lay out the 5 stages of business growth you go through…and the core skills your business needs MOST at each level.

This episode is a SUPER valuable tutorial that will give you some major a-has around how to accelerate the growth of your company by building the RIGHT skills at the RIGHT time.

Take a listen.



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