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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | A PRACTICABLE Skill That Will Make You More Money Featuring Dr. Ellen Peters

A PRACTICABLE Skill That Will Make You More Money Featuring Dr. Ellen Peters

Eleanor Beaton

Numeracy is the foundational skill at the heart of so many of the money-making decisions you make every single day as an entrepreneur. From figuring how much to pay your staff, interpreting financial statements, to pinpointing whether you’re getting any ROI on your expensive hires, this is the skill that not only helps you make more profit, but live a better life.

This week, Eleanor is speaking to Dr. Ellen Peters. Dr. Ellen Peters is the Philip H. Knight Chair and Professor in both the School of Journalist and Communication as well as Psychology at the University of Oregon. She’s also the Director of the Center for Science Communication Research, where her research largely looks at the basic building blocks of human judgment and decision-making: emotions and number abilities.

To dive into numeracy, how it works, and what it means practically for business owners, Dr. Ellen Peters is here this week to shed light on it all. She’s sharing why we cannot leave our numeric ability behind in the classroom, the consequences of being functionally innumerate, and what happens when we become more numerate.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • When Dr. Peters first became interested in exploring numeracy and why.
  • How numeracy is a foundational skill at the heart of so many money-making decisions you make as an entrepreneur.
  • What the research says about how numerate the US is compared to other parts of the world.
  • Why numeracy is important beyond the classroom.
  • The surprising consequences of being functionally innumerate.
  • How numeric confidence differs from numeracy.
  • What happens when you’re confident with numbers.
  • Dr. Ellen’s guide for discovering how numerate you are, and improving your numeracy.

Click here to take Dr. Ellen’s quiz to uncover how numerate you are!

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