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How to tell if you are making important business decisions based on LIES

Eleanor Beaton

Each and every day, you are making important decisions in your business.

Should I hire an executive assistant?

Should I raise my prices?

Should I eliminate one of my offerings?

How many launches will I run this quarter?

Should I write a book or start a podcast?

When it comes to making these decisions, there are two main inputs you want to consider:

1. Your decision is reverse-engineered from the future outcome you are committed to creating.

This particular step lies at the heart (and soul!) of entrepreneurial decision-making. You are so committed to transforming your business into a cash-producing asset that you see each and every decision you make TODAY as an investment in the reward you will reap TOMORROW. 

While this may seem like an act of LOGIC, it begins with your vision and intuition.  Your ability to do this is so critically important that I devote an entire podcast episode to it and you can listen to the episode here and read more on what I call “future grounding” here.

2. Your decision is based on REAL FACTS not FALSE FACTS.

Here’s the thing, Fierce One: our intellect (yours and mine) is a double edged sword. When you are as smart and with it as you are, your ability to convincingly portray your own limiting beliefs as actual facts is…well, for many of us it is a finely honed skill. 🙂

Here are some examples:

  • Telling yourself you couldn’t hire an employee to support you in your consulting contracts because your clients are hiring you.  (Maybe take this up with the iconic consultant James O McKinsey, founder of the 9000-consultant-strong firm McKinsey.)
  • Telling yourself you’ll go broke if you commit to a single target audience. 
  • Etc.

What you must understand about false facts is that the most insidious ones are ALWAYS cloaked as truth.

Alas, I buy my own gorgeously-articulated false facts on a weekly basis. 

That’s why I have developed a tool to help decipher what’s FACT and what’s FICTION. 

I dive into the tool in depth in Episode 387 of Fierce Feminine Leadership — False Facts and you can listen here.

Step 1: Journal about the problem.

Over the course of 1-2 pages (minimum!) journal about the problem you are trying to solve. Detail the circumstances, your thoughts and emotions around the issue, its impact and so on. Your goal is to do a thorough and complete brain dump that includes all your perceptions around the issue.

Step 2: Highlight each FACT.

Take out your highlighter and go through your journal entry line by line, highlighting each and every “fact” you can find. 

Step 3: For each FACT ask yourself: Is this TRUE? What hard evidence do I have that this is true? What is the opposite of this fact? What hard evidence do I have that the opposite is true? 

Think critically about the problem and your perceptions. This is where your false facts begin to reveal themselves. 

Step 4: Ask yourself, “What is opening up for me right now?”

Take time to reflect on both the problem you are experiencing, and your perceptions around it. Record any insights you have, especially related to stories masquerading as facts. 

Step 5: Hire a coach

A business coach is INVALUABLE when it comes to calling out the false facts that can derail our growth as leaders. 

To get the complete overview on how to identify false facts, listen to the full episode here.

Stay fierce,


PS. If you’re SERIOUS about stepping into 7 figures and you’d like to have a powerful consultation with our coach team, click HERE to schedule a call.  This is YOUR TIME. We’re committed to helping you seize it.