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How I Manifested My Ultimate Dream Mentors

Eleanor Beaton

Two years ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would take MASSIVE ACTION.

I have always been a striver. Always had big plans for myself, and believed I had the skills to pretty much pull those big aspirations off.

Yet in typical Ambitious Woman style, I battled a perpetual, nagging sensation that no matter what award I won, or client I landed, what I was doing just wasn’t good enough.

As a long-time sufferer of Ambitious Woman’s Dillemma, a hefty part of that dissatisfaction was related to my own limiting beliefs around success and happiness…principally the belief that if I allowed myself to be relaxed and happy, I could never achieve BIG SUCCESS.  In my mind, relaxed happiness = laziness.

This unhelpful thought was creating unnecessary strife in my life. Contrary to my underlying belief system, not allowing myself to be happy and relaxed (for fear that I’d be robbing myself of the impetus I needed to succeed) was actually holding me back. Because let’s face it, dissatisfaction is exhausting and unattractive, non?

Thus, I put in a LOT of hard work (and hard-earned money) to dissolve those limiting thoughts.

But still the nagging sensation remained. The truth? I really was playing smaller than I was capable of.

My problem: I was spending a lot of time thinking and planning and fretting and being scared and not a lot of time taking action.

So I got to work on that as well.

Thus followed two years that have been exhilarating, scary, fun, stretchy, amazing.

The deal I made with myself is that I would stop thinking so much and just force myself to do things…like launching an online course, doing a lot more public speaking, investing a ton of
money in a high end mastermind
, putting myself and my ideas out into the world in the biggest way I could.

It’s not that I was working harder than I used to. In fact, I started working fewer hours.

One of the core, foundational strategies I insist that my clients adopt is to make self-care a priority. (Smart women have WAY too much transformation to create in this world to go around exhausted, burnt out and in dire need of haircuts, cuddles and exercise. I mean, come ON, ladies.) But I can’t very well ask my clients and students to do anything I don’t also do.

So I not only did the scary work-related things, but I took time out for myself and made an effort to spend more time relaxing with my family. I took up taekwondo. I hike several times a week. I meditate and let myself get transfixed listening to Deepak Chopra audios. You know, all the good stuff that connects me to who I really am and fuels the work I do in the world.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my two years of pushing through my fears and taking massive action:when you discipline yourself to do these things, some seriously cool and completely unexpected stuff starts to happen.

Life changing stuff that feels a lot like, well, magic.

Case in point: I’m writing to you from Phoenix, Arizona. I’m here because I’m spending the weekend working with, learning from, and having my business dissected and analyzed by two of the most brilliant business minds I know: Sharon Lechter and Wendy Stevens.

It’s completely unbelievable. Honestly. And here’s how it happened:

A couple of months ago I literally asked the universe to send me the right mentors who could help me build the world’s top education and media company for emerging women leaders. (I seriously asked for that while on a hike through the woods with my dogs).

A couple of days later, Wendy — then a complete stranger to me — reach out to me on LinkedIn, and after a couple of conversations, invited me down to Arizona to work with her and

Fact: I have been a HUGE fan of Sharon’s since 2003. Read up on her…you’ll see why. This is the woman behind the Rich Dad, Poor Dad company, the Napoleon Hill Foundation, not to mention her role as an advisor to two US presidents on financial education. Both these women are dreams come true for me. World leaders in their field. And they showed up in my life — completely out of the blue to help me.

How did it happen? First up: I asked, and I made my request specific (not just any old mentors, but the right mentors to help me grow an educational media business for emerging women leaders). Second up: I took massive action, consistently, for years.

I’ll keep you updated on what I learn from Wendy and Sharon, and I suspect things in my world are about to make some massive shifts.

The lesson in all this: take massive action and confidently ask for what you want, darling. The universe is on standby to help you.