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(Marketing) My content creation process

Eleanor Beaton

If you are concerned about the impact the Coronavirus might have on your business, keep reading.

The best DEFENSE against any business turmoil is…

A strong OFFENSE.

How do you create a strong offense in business?

Killer marketing.

NOW is the time to show up for your audience, fans, customers and prospective customers.

TODAY is the day you must click “Go Live”, hit “publish” or press the green “call” icon.

Show up and be visible.

But don’t just show up and tell “your story”.

Show up and add tremendous value…which may or may not involve sharing your story.

Here’s a powerful insight from my content creation process.

I distinguish between two types of content…

Raving Fan content and Traffic content.

Let’s start with Traffic content.

Traffic content is any marketing content you create that is designed to deliver NEW PEOPLE to your material. It is designed to deliver “traffic” to your business.

When I am making “traffic content”, I assume the people I’m creating it for don’t know (and don’t yet care!) who I am.

They don’t know my story. They don’t necessarily share my passion for Beyonce.

They care about themselves and their problems. As they should.

Therefore, when I create TRAFFIC CONTENT, I create live videos or blog posts that answer my audience’s most commonly asked questions.

Here’s an example of traffic content. This live video answers a specific question my audience asks all the time.

For years I resisted creating ‘traffic content’ because it felt basic and boring to me. I couldn’t inject as much creative flair.

My audience didn’t grow as quickly as it should have, given the caliber of content we create. #humblenotmodest

Today I take traffic content seriously and produce original traffic content each and every week. I share traffic content on Facebook and LinkedIn via organic social posts. Then I amplify the content with paid advertising.

This is how I “buy” traffic and attention for my business.

Now let me explain Raving Fan content.

Raving fan content is designed to provide superb value for women with whom I already have a relationship.

My assumption when I create Raving Fan content is that I am creating the material for a woman who is already familiar with my work.

My podcast is an example of Raving Fan content. For instance, this winter, I did an entire series on “Baller Moves.”

Radical conviction is another example of “raving fan” content.

Think about it. No one wakes up thinking: “I need to make a baller move” or “I need radical conviction” unless they are familiar with my work.

Again, I spent years growing my audience much more slowly than necessary because I talked to everyone online as though they already knew and cared about me.

I paid a ton of attention to marketing experts, but no one explained the difference in a way that I could understand.

Then when I truly discovered the difference – and began making BOTH traffic content and raving fan content — my audience growth accelerated.

So I’m sharing the distinction here in the hopes that it is useful to you…

ESPECIALLY right now, when marketing and visibility is more important than ever before.

So again — get your hand sanitizer, drink your water, and keep marketing.

The best defense is a strong offense.

Stay fierce,


P.S. If you’d like to work with me to ramp up your marketing this year, simply go here, fill out the form and we’ll set up a short information call.