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Woman Owned with Eleanor Beaton | The Simple Google Spreadsheet That Unlocked A Multi-Million Dollar Exit with Sreejata Chatterjee

The Simple Google Spreadsheet That Unlocked A Multi-Million Dollar Exit with Sreejata Chatterjee

Eleanor Beaton

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to start a meaningful company, build up a great team, and create innovative tech that has an impact on the marketplace, so much so that someone comes along wanting to acquire your company, leading to you and your investors getting paid. This is Sreejata Chatterjee’s woman-owned story, and it’s a case study full of gems.

Sreejata Chatterjee is a self-professed nerd, programmer, and computer science genius who co-founded LeadSift in 2012 and then sold it in 2021. LeadSift helps B2B companies fill their pipelines using intelligence from publicly available data from places like social media, and in this interview, you’ll hear exactly how Sreejata secured her multi-million dollar exit.

Tune in this week as Sreejata reveals the simple Google spreadsheet that helped her sell LeadSift for millions. She’s offering her insights on what helped her facilitate this type of exit, how a lack of customer insight was keeping them stuck, the process she used to 3X her signups and 15X her prices, and the lessons she learned along the way that might help you avoid the same mistakes she made.

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Today on Woman Owned:

  • Sreejata’s woman-owned story.
  • What customer discovery means, and the moment Sreejata realized she needed it.
  • The key activities that helped LeadSift gain deeper customer insight.
  • How a simple Google spreadsheet helped Sreejata secure a multi-million dollar exit.
  • The process Sreejata used to 3X her signups and 15X her prices.
  • Why letting go of non-ideal customers can help you increase overall customer retention.
  • The oversights she made when she negotiated the sale of her company.

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