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My take on marketing strategy

Eleanor Beaton

The single most important thing in marketing is that you are CLEAR.

By this, I mean that you are deeply precise and CLEAR about:

  • Who you serve
  • What you stand for
  • The practical problem you solve for your clients
  • Your values.

Whenever I struggle in marketing it’s because I have lost connection to one of those four things.

When I lose connection to one of those four things, I get unclear and any marketing I attempt to do AMPLIFIES CONFUSION and therefore is ineffective.

Most of the time, the “amplification of confusion” is very subtle. You will do little things that erode your brand and clarity one social media post, blog, or speech at a time. You won’t really notice it’s happening, and that’s what makes it so devastating.

Example: the women I serve are smart, confident, and have a strong sense of their worth. They are not looking for a “guru” or a “saviour”. They did that, got the t-shirt, and aren’t going back.

So if I listen to bad marketing advice and try to position myself as a guru or saviour who has allllll the answers and the onnnnnly way of doing things…

  1. I will have severed my connection to the very women we serve
  2. They will roll their eyes and tune me out
  3. We’ll attract into our universe clients who are looking to be saved and because they are a wrong fit, we will not be able to accept them into a working relationship with us.

There is absolutely no marketing tactic or strategy, nor any amount of ad spend that can hold a candle to YOUR CLARITY on the four things I have outlined above.

And without CLARITY and MONKISH DEVOTION to the elements above, you are amplifying distortion.

Amplifying distortion is expensive, inefficient, and unsustainable. When your marketing is amplifying distortion it feels heavy and wrong even though the very same tactics work great for other people.

My take on marketing is that it always comes back to the clarity of your message, the precision of your positioning, and your willingness to subjugate any and all HAWT TAKTIKS — no matter how phenomenally they work for other people — to the primacy of a deep and meaningful connection to your client.

Without this, you are simply scaling distortion, and building a business you don’t love.

This is the work we do in the Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator. It’s the foundational work that MUST be in place if you want to scale your marketing and client acquisition.

Without this foundation, you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall. It’s expensive and frustrating.

If that’s where you are at, there is a much saner, more elegant, and focused way to market. Thus, I strongly encourage you to apply to work with us in this truly exceptional program.



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