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On me and my husband (for my entrepreneurs)

Eleanor Beaton

Dear Fierce One,

If you have ever wondered whether you can combine a fast-growing business with a calm home life, you need to read this letter.

Something MOMENTOUS happened in my marriage this fall.

My husband exited his business…

And joined my company as our newest team member.

It’s safe to say this has been one of the most significant (but not easy!) choices we’ve ever made in our relationship. And it has majorly improved our family’s quality of life.

We are happier and less stressed because we have more time and headspace.

Our boys are thriving because we’re calmer and more present for them.

I’m sharper, more organized and better prepared because I feel safe playing full out in my business as I know the home front is being handled…

And because of this, I’m able to lead my team to drive greater momentum and higher revenues in the business.

In case it’s useful, I’ll give you some insight into why and how Leon and I made this decision, but before we go there, I need you to know something.

This isn’t an email about “work-life balance” or “retiring your spouse”.

And while this letter contains information that will have a material impact on your life and relationships, it’s not actually about marriage or family.

This is an email about money, power and freedom.

Specifically, I’ll show you a strategy to help you amass all three…so that you have the resources you need to choose the life you want.

Back to me and my husband.

For several years we had been yearning for more time freedom.

Our boys, Noah and Tobias, are 12 and 8 and they reached those ages seemingly overnight.

We wanted more family time, more focus time and more free time. I was personally longing for what I once heard a friend describe as “long patches of stillness” to think and catch my breath.

But with a young family and not one but two growing businesses, that dream felt very far off.

Meanwhile, the kids were growing up and I was getting (more) grey hairs and fewer workouts as I struggled to make everything work in my business AND in my family.

And the more I struggled to strike this balance, the unhappier and unhealthier I became.

Then I remembered a piece of advice my aunt Linda – one of my earliest and most profound mentors — gave me when I was 15 years old.

“There’s always plenty of room at the top.”

I realized that if I wanted more room, more time, more money and more freedom for my family…

I needed to carve out my niche at the top of my market.

This is a strategy called Preeminence.

When you’re preeminent in your industry, you’re in a category of one.

Which means you attract better, more affluent clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth.

You have fewer headaches and less complexity…

Empowering you to grow faster and more strategically.

Which brings me back to me and my husband.

The momentum I generated from applying the Preeminence Strategy in my business gave us:

The money to easily exit out of one business…

The freedom to focus on the things that matter most to us (each other and those boys I mentioned earlier)…

And the power to generate even greater business momentum (with more ease!) because we now have two minds focused on one business entity.

Preeminence gave us the CHOICE to set up our life in a way that best reflects our values.

Three months in, I can honestly say I’m happier, more focused and more productive than I have been in years.

So let’s talk about why I’m telling you this.

I don’t know what your specific goals look like, but I suspect more revenues and more time are right up there.

If this is the case, then you need to join me for my upcoming workshop, The Preeminence Strategy, where I walk you through a powerful process to reposition your business at the top (where you belong).

You can join me and an intimate group of women LIVE in Toronto OR you can join us virtually via our exclusive private livestream event.

This hands-on workshop will be a powerful mix of learning, discussion, case studies, examples and customized feedback for your business.

I’ll also send you some pre-workshop assignments to ensure you’re prepared and ready to get the most out of our time together.

Oh, and if you plan on doing ANY networking, marketing or advertising in your business in 2019, this event is an absolute must for you.

That’s because investing resources in marketing when you don’t have a strong, preeminent market position is a total waste of money…it’s like pouring water into a sieve.

And taking time to attend endless networking events in the hopes of generating business when you lack a strong, preeminent position is a similar waste of time…

That’s because forgettable people and brands don’t land deals and referrals…

Memorable, preeminent brands do. You’ve worked too hard, and invested too much in your skills and expertise to be regarded as anything other than top-shelf.

You can get the details on The Preeminence Strategy here.

If you click to reserve your ticket and you see the rolling circle, it means we’re SOLD OUT.

Stay fierce!