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On Me and My Husband

Eleanor Beaton
If you’ve ever wondered whether you can combine a fast-growing business with a calm home life, you need to listen to the momentous change that happened in my marriage this fall.

My husband recently exited his business and became my company’s newest team member. It’s safe to say that this move has been one of the most significant (but not easy) choices that we’ve ever made in our relationship AND it’s majorly improved our family’s quality of life. We’re happier, we’re less stressed and we have more time and headspace our boys.

On this episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast, I discuss:

  • The strategy that will help you amass money, power and freedom so that you have the resources you need to choose the life YOU want.
  • How my husband’s inclusion in our team has affected my business
  • The current challenge for female leaders regarding career and home-life
  • What led us to realize that we wanted more family time, focus time, and free time
  • How the desire to strike a balance between my family and my business affected me
  • What the Preeminence Strategy is and what it means to be in a Category of One
  • The business and financial impact of using the Preeminence Strategy
  • How you can set up a life that puts yourself in the best position to live on your terms and reflects your values

Listen here: