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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | The Art of Rapid Growth Featuring Nicole LeBlanc

The Art of Rapid Growth Featuring Nicole LeBlanc

Eleanor Beaton

If you’re an entrepreneur, working in a high-growth company, or simply a human being going through a period of rapid transformation in some area of your life, chaos is something you’re probably well-versed in. While chaos doesn’t feel great, it produces a ton of innovation. And this week, Eleanor is speaking to seasoned venture capitalist Nicole LeBlanc to explore the controlled chaos of high-growth companies.

Nicole LeBlanc is a chartered accountant and partner at Woven Capital, the $800 million investment arm of Toyota Motor Corporation that aims to broaden the group’s global reach and accelerate innovation by investing in exceptional growth-stage ventures. She’s here to break down the chaos that is part and parcel of building a high-growth company, and to give you a primer on venture capital if you’re new to this world.

Tune in this week to get an inside look at the reality of running high-growth companies and organized chaos. Nicole walks you through her career path, and offers her insights on the art of rapid growth, why women secure so little in terms of venture funding, and the transferrable lessons you can apply from VC-backed companies.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • What the discipline of accounting has taught Nicole about life.
  • The idea that a founder’s failure is compost for the next project.
  • Nicole’s observations on high-growth companies that set them apart.
  • What VCs look for in the companies they back.
  • The reality of running high-growth companies.
  • Why women secure so little of venture funding.
  • Nicole’s best practices around having a formal board.
  • How founders can best leverage the expertise of their people.

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