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Regarding asinine “ideal client” worksheets

Eleanor Beaton

If you have completed approximately 845+ “Describe Your Ideal Client Avatar!!!!” worksheets and are no closer to nailing your niche, cultivating a distinctive brand or making the money you SHOULD be making…

If you have listed out all the “magazines they read” and “conferences they attend”, and dutifully itemized all the “things they wake up at 3am worrying about”…

But your marketing, brand and offers STILL feel soft, forgettable and even (if you are to get REALLY REAL about it) mildly embarrassing…


I won’t insult your intelligence by saying “it’s not your fault” because you and I both know that at the end of the day, we are always 100% accountable for the results of our businesses.

But I will help you, for free, this week when you attend this training where I will lift the “ideal client avatar” scales from your eyes, give it to you straight and equip you with some powerful new tools to niche down and cash up.

But continuing with my earlier point…

“Ideal Client Avatar” worksheets are the iPod Shuffle of marketing tools. They are outdated, unsophisticated, and will do PRECIOUS LITTLE to help you scale your company with a clearly defined niche.

And, the way they are routinely used and taught will give you a remedial AT BEST understanding of buyer psychology and furthermore, will derail your chances of building a brand with any kind of recognizable “edge”.

Your success isn’t governed by what you “envision for yourself.” If that were true, we would all be multi-gillionaires. Oh no. Your success is governed by what you tolerate.

And the longer you allow your sales, marketing and brand to be hijacked by mindless “Ideal Client Avatar” worksheet exercises, the longer you will be relegated to settling for a forgettable brand, indistinct offers and results that are beneath you.

Iron sharpens iron, queen. Let’s put an end to mindless marketing drivel and help you uncover a truly lucrative niche this week. In case the general tone of this note hasn’t made this abundantly clear: this is a training you absolutely want to make time to attend live.


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