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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | Evidence-Based Tools for Setting and Achieving Goals with Dr. Emily Balcetis

Evidence-Based Tools for Setting and Achieving Goals Featuring Dr. Emily Balcetis

Eleanor Beaton

As an ambitious, high-achieving leader, you’re likely in the habit of setting goals. However, it’s also highly probable that you don’t always achieve them. Why is that? Is it a lack of discipline or motivation? Are you aiming too high or too low? Do you need to be setting different goals altogether?

Turn to social media and you’ll see hoards of people who claim to be experts at setting goals, and yet, there is little agreement on how to do it effectively or why achieving them is so challenging. So, here at Anchored Intelligence, Eleanor turned to science and sought out the insight of a world-renowned researcher on the topic of setting and achieving goals, Dr. Emily Balcetis.

American social psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at NYU Dr. Emily Balcetis is here to offer her expertise on goal pursuit and her take on striving. She’s sharing evidence-based tools for setting and achieving goals, so listen in to hear how the powerful work and research she’s done in this area will completely shift how you pursue your goals.

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Today on Anchored Intelligence:

  • Why only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.
  • The common tactics used to try to sustain motivation.
  • What it means to choose the right goal.
  • Why it’s so tempting to spread ourselves thin when setting goals.
  • How a little bit of stress can actually be useful in achieving goals.
  • The importance of having a narrowed focus in goal pursuit.
  • How to identify if multitasking is helping you when it comes to setting and achieving goals.
  • Why you need to contract the psychological distance between where you are now and your future self.
  • The limitations of vision boards, and why the process of goal setting can’t stop here.

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