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Seven Figure Sabbatical with Moe Carrick

EP510: 7-Figure Sabbatical with Moe Carrick

Carla Sorrell
Eleanor Beaton
EP510: 7-Figure Sabbatical with Moe Carrick
This week, we’re kicking off a series of episodes devoted to discussing all the different ways women entrepreneurs can leverage time through the seasons of business. Time is a huge component of the work we do here at Safi Media. The model we use is critical for nourishing both the founder herself and for creating a business that will nourish the planet. 

In today’s episode, we’re exploring time holistically and cyclically by diving into the four seasons of business. Everything has a season, including your business. We’re starting by thinking about how we can align our business strategies, projects, and goals with the season of business growth that we’re currently in. 

The interesting thing about entrepreneurship is that once you’ve accomplished a certain threshold of income, time actually becomes the most important and valuable asset. While it might feel like you currently don’t have the time and flexibility you want, what if we told you that you could take a four-week sabbatical and scale your business past seven figures in the process?


This isn’t just a fantastical story, but the lived experience of today’s guest. Moe Carrick is the founder of consulting company Moementum Inc. She is known as a workplace and leadership culture expert who specializes in making workplaces fit for human life, and she’s also a two-time bestselling author and TEDx speaker who is a true example of taking your business from great to even greater while enhancing your quality of life in the process.


Join us this week to hear the story of one in-demand, well-paid, but time-starved consultant who decided to finally take control of her calendar, reinvent her company, and scale past seven figures while taking a month-long sabbatical. She’s sharing the key pieces that have allowed her to create the time freedom she has craved for so long, and what she found challenging along the way.

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          Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:
  • How Moe started out her entrepreneurial career.
  • The double-edged sword of the relationship between money and time.
  • Moe’s insights on the benefits and drawbacks of her entrepreneurial journey.
  • Our experiences of the pain of mom guilt and the trap of an unscalable business model.
  • Why Moe was stuck in an unscalable business model that was limiting her earning power, impact, and wellbeing.
  • How Moe carved out the time to make the changes that allowed her to take a four-week sabbatical.
  • The hardest part of restructuring her team and business model to have the kind of time freedom she wanted.
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