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Stop marketing to people who aren’t on your “level”

Eleanor Beaton

Raise your hand if you did this in your 20s….fell for broken partners you felt you could “fix” with the transformative powers of your love and attention…


Only to discover that you can’t ever really “fix” anyone. It was never your job to go around fixing people. And in fact, the more you try, the more you get caught up in their brokenness, until lo and behold, now you need fixing too!

It takes only a couple of relationships like this to come to the firm conclusion that dating “beneath” you is both dumb and damaging. (We call them a “partner” for a reason).

I humbly submit that what is true in matters of the heart is also true in marketing. Marketing beneath you is dumb and damaging.

I see entrepreneurs marketing “beneath” them all the time by:

  • Tolerating prospects who say they “love you” but demonstrate a consistent and sustained “low urgency” to actually pay you (Fact — love and attention will not pay your bills.)
  • Marketing to people and organizations that lack a) the budgets to pay you or b) the resourcefulness to get their hands on the budgets to pay (Fact: in 80% of these cases, if they really wanted to hire you, they’d find the money. We ALWAYS find the money for the things we really want and value)
  • Failing to banish people who are wishy-washy, indecisive, and time-wasting from your marketing ecosystem through smart content… and then having to deal with their low energy on sales calls (Fact: I call them “vampire prospects” and they will rip out your heart and hopes and feast on them);
  • Attracting people or organizations who love hanging around and commiserating on their problems but lack the urgency to actually address those problems, fix them, and move the HAIL ON to a brighter future (Fact: these are the professional complainers who are two steps away from a (thankfully) failed bid for public office because what they value more than results is attention.)

I could go on, but these are just some of the signs you are officially marketing beneath you. 


If you are experiencing this situation, the smart thing to do would be to finger-run (not finger-walk) here and submit your application faster than a minion can say “I’ll think about it”.

Step into a world inhabited by sovereign women where the correct response to the question “So, madame, what do YOU fix?” is this….

Virgin martinis only, dahhhhhling.


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