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Case Study: How to Create a $500K Offer

Eleanor Beaton
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After 20 years in business, Moe Carrick was stuck in an unscalable business model that was limiting her earning power, impact and wellbeing. 


On the one hand, Moe, 59, was a big success. Moementum Inc, the firm she founded in 2001, had established itself as a preeminent force in workplace culture and leadership development. 


Moe had authored two highly regarded leadership books, won prestigious awards and spoken on the TEDx stage. She had sold her consulting into more than 500 companies, coached over 2000 executives and impacted the wellbeing of more than 25,000 employees across the United States. Her clients included companies such as Nike, Google and Prudential.


But Moe’s unscalable business model had reached its limits. At the time, Moe’s firm generated multiple six figures in revenue selling and delivering highly customized leadership contracts into the B2B market.  Every contract was different. Every deal was complex. And every project was heavily dependent on Moe. 


And while her clients were over the moon with what Team Moementum delivered, Moe was exhausted and stressed.


“I was in a state of constant anxiety because every single dollar was happening due to my effort.” A lifelong athlete and wellbeing advocate, Moe was frustrated that her sleep, workouts, horse riding and vacations constantly took a backseat to client work. What’s more, Moe faced a worrying consequence of her business model: when SHE stopped, so did the money. 


“I had this never ending feeling that the entire business was pivoted on my back. I worried what would happen to my employees if something happened to me and I couldn’t do it anymore.”


In the spring of 2021, Moe partnered with Safi Media and joined the Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator.




Her goal: smash the revenue ceiling, stop trading dollars for hours and build a truly scalable business model. She wanted to do this without compromising the quality and intimacy Team Moementum was known for — so that she could scale past $1M in revenue and reclaim both her time and freedom.


Prior to joining the program, Moe had two concerns. First, we wanted to be certain that she would be surrounded by a group of founders who were at a similar business stage. “It wouldn’t have practical business value if I were masterminding with founders who were just getting started or struggling to make $50k in sales.”


Her second question was whether, as an overworked consultant, she’d in fact have time to participate in the program AND implement the teachings.  “I wondered, ‘will I actually do it?’ I didn’t want to invest in something and not implement it.”


Despite having those two concerns, Moe took a chance and made the decision to invest in the Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator. Her experience blew her away from the very first session. 


“Eleanor, the Safi Media team, and the curriculum brought an unprecedented degree of focus to the business. Right away I started to re-envision my business in terms of scalability. The recommendations I got were specific and very practical.”


From Day 1, Moe partnered with the Safi Media team to implement the Preeminent Positioning System. The Preeminent Position Strategy is Part 1 of building a Jewel Business Model, a business growth strategy pioneered by Eleanor Beaton and Safi Media to 2x the number of women founders who sustainably scale past $1M in annual revenue by 2030.


In the Preeminent Positioning System —  which is taught in the Power + Presence + Position program, established founders focus to scale. They niche down, craft a scalable business model, and develop a powerful message that positions their company in a true Category of One. 


In the Power + Presence + Position program, Moe focused in on a clear, lucrative niche within her client base. With Team Safi’s hands on support, Moe and her team sifted through 20 years of consulting and expertise to design a scalable leadership development offer. They co-created a tailored sales strategy to sell the program into the B2B market. And they honed Moe’s message so it was clear, easy to understand and a no-brainer purchase for the right customers. 


As Moe predicted, given her already-packed schedule, she wasn’t able to attend every call. 


But she quickly learned she didn’t HAVE to attend all the calls in order to get the full benefit of the program. That’s because, due to the hands-on, “done with you” nature of PPP, Moe was able to implement the Preeminent Positioning Strategy into her business despite attending just over half of the calls. 


And when she did attend the group calls, Moe was inspired by the wisdom, sophistication, and smarts of Team Safi’s coaching methodology and her fellow participants. “I got value from every session. People challenged me and held space for me. It was a true cohort of likeminded women.”


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As a result of implementing the Preeminent Positioning Strategy – niching down, crafting a scalable business model and honing in on a Category of One message, Moe has been able to build a true Jewel Business. And as a result, Moementum Inc has experienced phenomenal internal AND external growth.


“My whole approach to growing the business has changed. It’s much more focused, concrete and measurable, from project management and operations to sales and marketing. We are just tremendously focused.”


The scalable offer she designed in PPP – The Leading People Program – has generated close to $500K USD in sales in an 18 month period. As a result of a clear niche and strong messaging, Moe’s email list exploded by 150% — she now has a thousands-strong community of engaged readers who refer, buy and promote her brand.


The company is on track to surpass $1M USD in revenue in 2022.


After two decades of being the lynchpin of her company, Moe’s business is now truly scalable and capable of running without her. In 2021, she was able to step away from the company – and have it continue to produce revenue and run smoothly – while she cared for her mother at end of life. 


And this year, Moe will fulfill a lifelong dream – to take a full month sabbatical – which she will spend hiking in Scotland with a dear friend. 


The anxiety and nerves she once felt about carrying the business on her back is 100% gone. 


But Moe says the best part of building a Jewel Business is the newfound focus, energy and resources that she has to advance her mission – systemic change in the world of work. 


“I’m on a mission to restore humanity to work. I have a big mission, it’s my time and I have the time, space and money to pursue that wholeheartedly…without compromising my wellbeing.”


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