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The Forleo Story You Were Never Told

Eleanor Beaton

Please note: If you’re struggling to get clear on your message – or if you’re concerned your ideal clients don’t truly ‘get’ what you do, then this article may be the most important thing you read this quarter.

It is lengthy, but I guarantee you it’s well worth your time to read through to the very end if you have any desire at all to monetize your thought leadership this year.

You’ve likely heard of Marie Forleo – the online influencer who teaches newbie entrepreneurs how to get started with an online business.

What you may have not heard before is the skill she credits with building her online empire…

Her copywriting.

To this day, Forleo writes her own copy, and she has said that her skill in crafting a powerful message has been one of the most important factors behind her 8-figure-plus per year business.

The ability to craft a powerful message is so singularly important for service-based entrepreneurs that very few of the brilliant, big name thought leaders we all know and love (the ones whose podcasts you consume, events you attend and books you buy) entrust their messaging to anyone other than themselves.

Does this mean these thought leaders were born “great writers”?


It means we have invested tens of thousands of dollars and years of our lives to the critical work of clarifying our message and refining our skill in bringing that message to the market.

I don’t need to tell you about the primacy of a powerful message. If you didn’t know it was important, you wouldn’t be still reading this note.

When you’re unclear on your message, your business is in a state of partial paralysis.

You hold back from unleashing the full force of your energy on the market because “there’s something important missing.”

You don’t want to waste time and energy marketing services that lack a powerful message or haven’t been designed with a specific audience in mind.

In desperation, you turn to the internet and download endless worksheets that invite you to “list 3 qualities of your ideal client avatar” but bring you no closer to a powerful and differentiated message.

So you hold back, play small, and dwell in that humbling and crowded place known as the Land of Insignificance.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are three core messaging elements all thought leaders master when it comes to facing their marketplace with clarity and strength.

Here they are:

  1. Authoritative Delivery

Here’s a joke for you.

Did you hear about the thought leader who kind of, sort of knew what she was talking about?

Didn’t think so.

Thought leaders don’t think, they know.

They don’t lose their audience with overly complex, meandering, half-formed thoughts that masquerade as “solutions.”

They articulate their ideas clearly, simply and with authority.

This is simple but not easy.

Keep in mind that what authority looks like coming from you will be different than what authority looks like coming from me.

To even begin to understand your message, you need to first master the mechanics of authentic, authoritative communication.

  1. The Big Idea

What’s the difference between a commoditized consultant who attempts to sell you her bland “solution” and a thought leader who manages to make you feel that it’s an honour to invest your money in doing business with her?

A Big Idea.

You and I could literally spend a weekend studying just this concept, but time is short so I’ll break it down as efficiently as I can.

Your Big Idea, combined with your Authoritative Delivery, is what elevates you above the competition and places you in a category of one.

Your Big Idea is what sets you above the pack, in a class of your own.

Your Big Idea is comprised of 3 things:

  • Your vision for the future
  • Your bold opinions
  • Your ability to tap into the “zeitgeist” – a German word that literally means “spirit of the age.” The zeitgeist allows you to connect your message to a broader social context.

In other words, tapping into the zeitgeist is the skill that allows big time thought leaders to take their ideas and make them epic.

Now. If you have your Big Idea and Authoritative Delivery, you will be respected and admired, but you will not be rich. You will be a professor. 🙂

(Props to the professors out there, I’m the daughter and granddaughter of professors, but you know what I’m saying is true.)

The final element you need in your arsenal is…

  1. Direct hits.

Direct hits happen when your message speaks so clearly to a problem your ideal client has that she feels compelled to act. Now.

Direct hits are the elegantly and skillfully planted “buy messages” that you must master if you hope to generate wealth with your ideas.

Direct hits are what transform good will into cash, and they are critical for entrepreneurs.

Direct hits are also where so many cream puff marketing courses focus ALL their attention.

If you focus only on direct hit-style communication, you may generate short term sales, but your ideas will never garner respect or recognition…because you haven’t taken the time to present them in the right way.

As you can see – the work of “nailing your messaging” is so much more sophisticated than an elementary, “fill in the blanks” exercise about your “ideal client avatar.”

Nailing your message is about the thoughtful construction of each of these core pillars of elite-level positioning in the market.

And if this were something you could master on your own, with the aid of a worksheet, you’d have done it by now.

What you need is to sit down with a true expert in messaging, to patiently and carefully co-create YOUR Authoritative Delivery. YOUR Big Idea. And YOUR Direct Hits.

And when you (finally!) get clear on your message, public speaking, media interviews, pitches and sales-type conversations become 10 times easier, because you’re always certain on what to say. (The Big Idea)

Your marketing becomes enjoyable, because it’s fuelled by certainty and intention, rather than guesswork.  (Authoritative Delivery)

Your clients no longer look at your proposals critically, attempting to weigh what you offer against the sea of others but rather say, Halleuijah, she heard ME! (Direct Hits.)

So, Fierce One. If you are finally ready to sit down and sort out your messaging once and for all…

And you have ZERO desire to fill in another ideal client avatar worksheet…

Then I strongly encourage you to read the following offer very carefully.


Over the next 30 days, I will work privately with exactly 3 entrepreneurs for a 1:1 intensive Message Lab.

During this game-changing 1:1 consultation, you and I will work together to:

  • Clarify your messaging and positioning
  • Nail your Big Idea
  • Pinpoint your Direct Hits
  • Drastically Uplevel your Authoritative Delivery

The investment for this consulting is $750 USD and there are only 3 spots available.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Once you sign up for the program (by clicking this link and purchasing), Kelly from my team will contact you to book your 2-hour intensive.
  2. Next, she’ll schedule a 20 minute call with you so she can gather some essential information that I will need to review prior to our call.
  3. I will conduct a message assessment, and then record a brief tutorial evaluating your current messaging, providing you with objective insight and mapping out my recommendations. I’ll send you this video and you will watch it as pre-work before our consult.
  4. At the allotted time, you will log into my private zoom meeting room from the comfort of your home office.
  5. For the next two hours, you and I will work together to achieve these outcomes:
  • Nail your Big Idea
  • Pinpoint your Direct Hits
  • Drastically Uplevel your Authoritative Delivery

If there’s time left over, (and in all transparency, there may not be!) we’ll walk through exactly how to deploy this messaging in your marketing initiatives over the next 3-6 months.

If you are still reading this note, you are likely thinking that I am providing ridiculously great value for investment here, and you would be correct.

You are, after all, reading the words of a self-made, 7-figure business owner who also happens to have been a finalist for the prestigious National Business Book of the Year Award (Canada’s highest honour for business writing), an award-winning journalist, and former speechwriter for federal Cabinet ministers and celebrated leaders.

But there is a method behind the strategy. And here it is, in a nutshell:

There’s a strong likelihood that the majority of the women entrepreneurs who sign up for a Message Lab consultation with me will end up becoming longer-term clients.

There’s no pressure to do so. That’s just naturally what happens when you’re blown away by the value an expert consultant can make in your business.

So, if at the end of our session you ask to learn more about how to work together, I’ll spell out what it looks like.

It’s as simple and transparent as that.

Again – I have time for just 3 of these sessions so if you want to take me up on my offer, I strongly encourage you to act with speed to secure your spot.

A powerful message will make a night-and-day impact on your business. I’d love to be your ride or die partner in nailing it.

Go here to register without delay.

Stay fierce,


PS. You didn’t come here to twiddle your thumbs in the Crowded Land of Insignificance…not by a long shot. Let’s craft a powerful message to place you in a category of one – where you belong.

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