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The most important part of my 2021 business planning

Eleanor Beaton

I am currently deciding which of 3 hotel suites I will book in order to do my 2021 business planning.

I am soooo excited. Room service, CHECK. Gorgeous journal, CHECK. Silk PJs CHECK. Coach on speed dial: CHECK.

I am booking two full days to carefully analyze and consider ONE THING…

And this ONE THING will produce the most profits for my company in 2021.

You are probably also starting to make your 2021 plans…which is why I STRONGLY recommend you book a 2021 debrief call with my team, because we are very good at pinpointing the ONE THING that will drive the lion’s share of your growth in 2021.

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you will fill your strategic plan with a lot of activities that produce very very VERY limited results…

And you will likely devote too little time to the one thing that generates ALL THE VALUE.

I’m not saying this to be rude or diminish your extraordinary talents and expertise…

It’s just that this is how humans roll…

We complain endlessly about not having enough time or money…

Then turn around and WASTE appalling amounts of both.

But there is ONE element of your 2021 plan that, if you WERE to invest the time in this ONE area, you would get mega, mega payback.

I will tell you what it is….but first, a principle of business:

In ANY industry or niche, the top 3 players get ALL THE SPOILS.

This is why 87% of ALL INTERNET SEARCHES happen on Google.

It is why 70% of ALL RIDE SHARING happens on Uber.

It is also why the Fortune 500 companies account for two-thirds of US GDP….

While the remaining 11 million companies duke it out for the rest.

Simply put, every niche has a king or queen. The queen usurps the fattest profits to fill her ever-growing gold coffers…while the minions battle with grimy hands and sweat-stained clothes for every remaining scrap.


This is why the SINGLE TASK that will drive the MOST VALUE for your company in 2021 is to refine your niche and market position.

This is the REAL REASON the riches are in the niches.

Today you will likely spend 45 minutes surfing Instagram, refreshing email, and crafting social media posts that accomplish very little…

In other words, if you are a normal, human CEO, you will squander time on ticky-ticky things that make no money.

Or you could reserve 45 minutes to have a consultation about what ACTUALLY drove results for you in 2020…and how you can refine your market position in 2021

So you can be the queen of your niche…

Command fat profits…

And feel gorgeous in the knowledge that you are investing your most precious assets in the few things that make all the difference.

Important: It is almost impossible to determine your unique market position in isolation.

You just can’t read the label from inside the bottle.

That’s why you need to schedule a free debrief call with us.

Click here to read about our debrief calls, and why they are an important part of your 2021 business planning.

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