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The Weekly Calendar of A 7 Figure CEO

Eleanor Beaton

If you want to make more money in your business this year, you need to find a way to accomplish this simple task:

You need to 10X your functional hourly rate.

If you are a coach, consultant or service provider and the average hourly rate you charge your clients is $100…

Then the most effective way to make more money in your business is to find a way to turn a $100 hour into a $1k hour or even better a $10K hour.

And the way to 10X your functional hourly rate is to…FINALLY create a premium, scalable offer. We call that a “$500K Offer.”

The diagram below illustrates how a typical service provider spends her time.

The RED and PINK sections represent unscalable work. Look how much of her time is spent here! Roughly 65% of her time is spent in service delivery. About 25% on administrative tasks. The YELLOW and BLACK sections represent growth and freedom. And only about 10% of her time is spent on the most valuable tasks for any CEO: feeding her soul and focusing on growth.

This image is likely a reality for you. And it’s why you are struggling to get real, revenue traction.

This diagram illustrates how a typical service provider spends her time.

As a small business owner, your TIME is the most precious resource in your company. When I realized this, my business changed and my revenues skyrocketed.

Now let’s look at your calendar WITH a premium, scalable offer. See how the RED and PINK sections representing “unscalable” work shrink down? And see how BIG the YELLOW and BLACK sections representing growth and freedom become?

When you have a $500K Offer, your calendar OPENS UP and your revenue EXPANDS

This is where business gets REALLY FUN. You still get to spend time in service delivery (like me, I bet you love parts of service delivery!).

But the majority of your time is spent either focused on super high value growth activities like speaking, writing books, landing deals with high value partners….OR on “open time” – attending retreats, reading, taking long walks, masterminding with friends.

I want to teach you how to transform your calendar, free up a TON of time and make a lot more money in the process.

And here are TWO ways:

1.I am leading a 90 minute webinar on exactly how to create a premium scalable offer this FRIDAY. Go here to learn about the free training and register. This training will lay out a CLEAR, DOABLE PLAN for not only how to CREATE your first group offer (even if you are just getting started!) but also how to weave it into your existing business.

2. Applications are OPEN for our brand new, 12-week coaching program The $500K Offer which is where we walk you through a powerful process to transform your calendar from the first image to the second one. 🙂 I am currently offering 1:1 Success Planning Sessions to clients who have enrolled in the program. This is where I work with you to get SUPER CLEAR on where you want to take your business…and then craft a doable plan I can hold you accountable to, to get there. My calendar will only allow space to do it for about 3 more clients, so you will want to submit your application right away.

In parting I will say that bubble baths don’t solve burnout. Infrastructure solves burnout. 🙂 Let’s co-create a premium scalable offer that allows you to 10X your functional hourly rate…and create massive wealth and freedom in your business.

Remember: you can both join my free webinar on how to do it, and you can hire me to develop it WITH you in The $500K Offer program.