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Thought Leadership With Alison Nail Malone

EP514: Meaningful Ruthlessness with Alison Nail Malone

Carla Sorrell
Eleanor Beaton
EP514: Meaningful Ruthlessness with Alison Nail Malone

Time is a key element of the Jewel Business Model, where we want you as the founder to have 30% open time. To become a true visionary thought leader requires that you have time and space to think deeply. However, in the often urgent, full-on, full-contact sport that is entrepreneurship, the central question then is, how do you find time to do that?

Today, Eleanor Beaton is talking with client and seven-figure entrepreneur, Alison Nail Malone. She is the founder and principal consultant of Malone Consulting Group, creator of The Glow Project for executive women, and a grief educator and end-of-life doula. She has scaled her company from sub-six figures to multiple seven figures while devoting hours to the deep work required to contribute to her field in a rich and advancing way, and her work is changing the way some of America’s biggest corporations are looking at leadership.

If you’re a woman who craves money, desires growth, and also wants the space to think deeply, you’re in the right place. We’re exploring what it takes to create and protect time for thought leadership, and how to honour the sacredness of open time, even if it feels terrifying right now.

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Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • The gift of the Jewel Business Model that invites you to have 30% open time
  • How Alison’s childhood experience has shaped the work she does today.
  • What meaningful ruthlessness means to Alison, and how it informs her decisions in business.
  • The top three moves Alison made to set up her company to have space and time to do cutting edge work.
  • What a death doula does, and why Alison decided to become one.
  • The difference between an inspired idea and another bright shiny object.
  • How Alison created time to pursue thought leadership in a meaningful way while scaling her business.
  • Why understanding grief in a new way can be such a powerful tool in our transformation as leaders.

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