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Next-level time management tips for women entrepreneurs

Time management tips for women entrepreneurs (that ACTUALLY WORK)

Eleanor Beaton

There is a LOT of information out there to help you manage your time effectively. BUT,  when it comes to powerhouse women entrepreneurs (like YOU), the same old advice just doesn’t cut it. Ambitious women in business need NEXT LEVEL time management tips to reach their next level of success.

In episode 38 of Power Play, I reveal how managing your boundaries may be the the most effective way to manage your time.

This is the first installment in a series of next-level time management tips for women entrepreneurs. Go here to review the rest.

Episode Transcript

Hey there. Eleanor Beaton here. I’m about to embark on a five video series that explores next-level time management techniques for high performing, ambitious women entrepreneurs. So definitely check out the entire playlist for again, a series of five unconventional tips that you, the woman entrepreneur, can use to manage your time more effectively.

So here’s the deal. Time management and learning tips and tactics for managing your busy schedule more effectively is one of the most sought after questions or one of the most sought after topics that I receive from women entrepreneurs. And the irony of it all is that, what I don’t necessarily see evidence from high performing women entrepreneurs that they lack time management skills or that their time management actually needs to be improved.

What I see instead is that, we as women entrepreneurs, need to develop a different relationship with our time. And the conversation that we need to be having that no one is having, is how do we set stronger boundaries, rather than how do we manage our time better. To get to where you are today, you have had to have consistently demonstrated over years, efficiency with your time.

Where you are going next, stepping into that next level of leadership, taking on that next big challenge, building out your team, going after bigger goals. These all require that you preserve your energy, you preserve your focus, to work only on the things that are most important to get you to that place.

So in order to do that in the time that you have, you need to become very strong at setting boundaries to preserve your time.

So, the first boundary that you need to set as I need to set as well is saying no. Now, it is somewhat easy to say no to things that are not aligned with your priorities. It is somewhat easy to say no to people that maybe you don’t know very well. But for many of the women entrepreneurs that I know and speak with, the bigger challenge is in fact saying no to people that you do know well and saying no to opportunities that actually are aligned with where you are going. Setting boundaries around those things to truly preserve your time is a challenging question. A big challenge for women entrepreneurs to deal with.

So the thing that I would leave you with and the thing that I hope inspires you to protect those boundaries is to know that there are other women entrepreneurs out there who are also saying no to really great things. Many of us are doing it. It’s challenging to do, but know that you have a sisterhood, there is a culture a group of other women entrepreneurs who are out there saying the difficult no’s. Saying no to appointments, to opportunities, to engagements with other incredible women entrepreneurs, potentially, or other great people and great opportunities because sometimes choosing to focus on something that is genuinely important to us means saying no to many wonderful things that are important but we’re just making the decision in that moment not to prioritize them.

So I hope this first strategy setting boundaries and saying no, even no to great opportunities or great things, is a core practice for next level time management. And I wish you the best of luck with that strategy.

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