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Applications Closed: Superstar Learning Specialist

Eleanor Beaton
Applications for this position are now closed.

Fun, fast-growing women’s leadership development company is on the hunt for a superstar learning specialist.  This is a full-time position.

To be successful in this role, it’s essential that you’re committed to our mission and aligned with our values and culture. (You can learn more about our company here:

Our Mission

We’re here to help ambitious, socially-conscious women step into their full economic power through leadership and business mentoring. We are dedicated to helping exceptional women grow their businesses and advance their careers, in order to drive positive change in their families, companies and communities.

We believe that having more women of diverse backgrounds in senior leadership roles is the KEY to driving the positive, sustainable change our planet needs. Therefore, we’re committed to helping talented women smash the glass ceiling and take their seats at the tables where the big deals and decisions are made.

This is a big mission — to accomplish it, we need team members who are 100% committed to helping exceptional women leaders step into their power.


Our Values

Boldness is a virtue — stretch goals and smart risks pave the path to greatness.

Own it — Take full responsibility for your decisions, actions AND potential.

World class — Set the bar high, execute brilliantly, pay attention to the details and confidently ask the universe, ‘Why not us?’

Optimism, positivity, enthusiasm — No sanctuary for complaining, negativity and victimhood.

Live it to give it — we practice what we preach and lead by example.

Serious work should be FUN —humour, laughter and joy make everything better.


The Role

The Learning Specialist accelerates the success of our current and future clients by designing world-class learning experiences and online course curriculum. You will work closely with CEO Eleanor Beaton to continue our track record of developing and delivering practical, best-in-class learning tools and experiences for our global clients. Responsibilities include:

  • Develop online course curriculum (in consultation with CEO), for learning programs focused on leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development.
  • Develop online, blended learning, and classroom learning tools to support adult learners’ success
  • Develop workshop content
  • Act as thought partner to CEO to vision new curriculum strategies and offerings
  • Streamline and enhance existing learning programs and delivery
  • Workshop facilitation and coaching
  • Support in creation of written and promotional materials

We are open to a range of experience levels and career backgrounds, provided you have the skills outlined below.


Skills Required:

  • Curriculum development – online, classroom and blended learning
  • Excellent research skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to take charge in a group setting
  • The ability to take direction and learn
  • Facilitation and teaching skills
  • Tech savvy
  • Team work
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Adult education certification
  • University degree


Attitude Requirements:

  • 100% commitment to our vision, values, mission and team
  • Agile, flexible and optimistic
  • Proven ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment
  • Ability to work independently from your home office
  • Willingness to travel to company events throughout North America
  • Empathetic
  • Positive and open-minded
  • No task too high or too low — no divas, please
  • Desire to learn, grow, develop and spend a good chunk of time outside your comfort zone
  • You can work independently AND you thrive in a team environment
  • High energy
  • This must be work you LOVE to do
  • A MINIMUM two-year commitment to our team.


What you can expect:

  • Competitive compensation
  • You’ll work from your home
  • You’ll receive ongoing mentoring and coaching from Eleanor Beaton
  • The ability to be a part of a dynamite and award-winning team
  • Occasional travel to events throughout North America and the Caribbean
  • You can expect to get started Spring 2019.
Applications for this position are now closed.


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