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Part 2: Why I scrapped my (very good) book manuscript

Eleanor Beaton

Last week I sent out an email establishing my case that minions market and queens shape culture. 

The idea is that some people (too many people!) look for marketing gimmicks to help them “stand out”. Clearly, these poor souls missed the part in the History According To White Men class where Abe Lincoln told a bunch of other white men that you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

(Side note: Depending on how petty I feel on the day, I will usually just refer said algorithm worshippers to my most worthy and esteemed bro marketer rivals and assure them they are just one funnel away…)

Anyway — there’s a huge lesson in this for EXPERTS and THOUGHT LEADERS and if you are one of the above (i.e. if you sell your ideas, delivered via services, programs, consulting etc), I urge you to read the following carefully.

We are living in the Knowledge Age where everyone with an iPhone and internet access can peddle package up knowledge they learned from a blog last week and call themselves an “expert “ and “thought leader.”

(If this makes you despair, I urge you to remain calm and refer back to the Abe Lincoln quote above.)

Most of these idea-sellers will make little money and have little impact. Such is the cold, harsh reality of the market. 

But, there WILL be Thought leaders and experts who make huge sums of money from their ideas BECAUSE those ideas are novel, unique and PROPERLY FORMULATED.

When thought leaders and experts are NOT making much money, it’s not because “people don’t get them” or “the culture doesn’t value them” — it’s because they haven’t been able to frame up their ideas in a way that compels others to a) actually give a shyte and therefore b) hand over the dinero.

This is EXACTLY the work we do in The Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator. And while I can’t teach you how to do this in an email, but I CAN offer you this:

The world’s richest, most persuasive, and influential thought leaders all do this ONE thing really, really well…

And it’s the reason they can self-promote like no one’s beeswax, rake in the dough, have a big impact and NOT be regarded as self-serving marketers…


The formation of a powerful and meaningful CRITIQUE is the core difference between a true money-making, culture-shaping thought leader or expert, and the others who toil away with boatloads of earnestness but not much money or recognition.

Without the critique, a thought leader or expert can’t REALLY stand out…because you’re regurgitating ideas everyone has heard before…and left wondering why you can’t “stand out”.

If you want to learn how to grow your Insta following so you can reach bots who will litter your comments with calls to “Promote it on (insert stoopid IG account here)”…

Exhibit A

…there is a bro marketing course with your name on it. Run don’t walk to find it.

But if you’re ready to start making some real money with your ideas, it’s time to apply for the Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator. 

PS. In Part One of this email series, I shared that I pulled a strong manuscript from publication. Why? Because the book I wrote on women and power subtly upheld the patriarchal culture that dominates business in the same way Lean In has fallen out of favour for doing just that. It was very subtle and hard to pin down but in my heart, I could see the difference.


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