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Why you need 30 percent open time

Eleanor Beaton

I see female founders make this growth mistake all the time. They THINK that scaling their revenues is about ADDITION.

So they lead with amateur energy: rushing, piling on tasks, and coming up with fifty ways to produce a single output.

Example: you want to generate more leads, so you make a list of 10 things you can do to generate leads and start doing all of them.

That’s amateur hour, Boo.

Mastery in business happens when you understand that scaling is about subtraction and then multiplication…always in that order.

Example: rather than running around like a chicken with your head cut off, doing 10 things to generate leads, and creating chaos for yourself and all those around you (i.e. addition, amateur hour style)…

You subtract all but 2-3 lead generation tactics, focus in on those, patiently observe to see which works best, then double down on THAT. (i.e. multiplication).

I want you to think carefully about who you need to be as a leader to operate in this calm, intention-fuelled way. In my case, I needed to break my addiction to busy-ness and scarcity. This amateur hour mindset kept me trapped in short-term thinking and faulty decision-making.

I had to calm WAY down, practice patience, and adopt the “less is more” approach which is the hallmark of effective scaling.

This calm, focused and intentional approach to being a CEO doesn’t just happen in the spaces between your overstuffed to-do list. You have to create unscheduled space for the deep strategic thinking, careful observation and patient analysis to happen.

That’s why 30% open time for the founder is such a crucial metric of the Jewel Business. Some people call this “free time” which is a joke. Free time is lolling on the beach. Reading Elena Ferrante’s latest masterpiece. Free time has a completely different energy.

The 30% Open Time you create as the CEO of a Jewel Business are your miracle hours. They’re the time you use to transform yourself into a leader capable of scaling sustainably, and they are the time where you chart the course for your company to subtract and then multiply its way to millions.


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