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Working Mom Guilt (and how to defeat it)

Eleanor Beaton

I’m writing to you from St. John’s, Newfoundland where I had the honour of speaking to 160 women entrepreneurs on how to craft a powerful personal brand, and increase their sales through using the power of story.

It has been great to be here…and it will be great to leave. I’m coming to the end of a marathon travel season and I’m looking forward to settling back into my normal routine.

Travelling has been a critical business building activity. And while my husband is very supportive of my work, it can be hard on him and the boys when I’m away. And you know what? I’m OK with that.

There were times — especially when my boys were younger, that I felt my heart was getting ripped out anytime I left them. But I realized that if I was serious about pursuing my ambition AND enjoying family life, I needed to make peace with my working mom guilt.

The truth is, no one is suffering when I’m working. In fact, my boys often have more fun when I’m away because, well, my husband is a fun dude. But they miss me, and sometimes my absence makes them uncomfortable.

One of the things I needed to accept was my family’s temporary discomfort when I’m away. Again — I’m OK with them being temporarily uncomfortable. I have decided that my job is to provide unconditional love, a stable, secure life, lots of opportunities for growth and exploration and a great example of what an empowered woman looks like. My job is NOT to ensure everyone is 100% comfortable 100% of the time.

Despite this, there are moments when “mommy guilt” tugs at the heart strings. I notice it, feel it, then let it slip away.

In today’s video, I discuss working mom guilt, and what you can do when it strikes.