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You are an expert in your field and your knowledge has the power to impact thousands if not millions of people all around the world. There’s just one problem. How do you scale your impact and serve more people without compromising client relationships, your brand, your integrity, and the quality service you are known for?

Answer: You create a $500K Offer

In this practical hands-on training, We will guide you through a 10-day process to help you make more money and impact more clients by creating a premium scaleable offer that saves you time, reduces overwhelm, and helps your company grow bigger than you. And the best part? All you need to do is commit an hour a day, for 10 business days.

1 Hour 10 Days

If you’ve been wondering ...

  • I want to build my team but my clients only want to see me
  • I love working with clients but the other aspects of running a business are overwhelming
  • I want to grow my reputation but I already spend 50 hours a week serving clients, how could I possibly grow?

Then the $500K Offer is a FANTASTIC next step.

Register Now $200 (USD)

What Is The $500K Offer?

This is a 2-week thoughtfully designed intensive program in which Eleanor will guide you through a process to ensure you map out a premium scalable offer.

We’ll teach you everything we know – every tactic, every mindset shift, and every tool we have used to construct premium offers that take no more effort to generate $500K in sales, as they do to generate $50K in sales!

Your $500K Offer may be a group program or a packaged service – we have helped our clients create both.


We named this offer after a brilliant client name Moe, who used this process to create a scalable offer that has generated roughly $500K in 2 years, and is impacting thousands of workers, leaders and families across the United States…while allowing her up to 12 weeks of vacation a year.

Why Should You Buy The $500K Offer?

Because…math 😄 This is not rocket science. A scalable offer can help you make more money and serve more people with less effort. Here are two real life scenarios:

You could use The $500K Offer program to map your scalable group coaching program offer.

Lisa, a client who has used this process, originally sold 1:1 coaching packages for $10K. Each package represented 30 hours of work. Thus, she generated $333 per hour.

She created her version of a “$500K Offer” – a 12 week group coaching program priced at $6K. She can serve 12 people per session, and each session represents 24 hours of work. She is now generating $3000 per hour.

Lisa created a $500K Offer and set herself up to:

a) 10X her hourly rate and

b) generate $500K over two years from a single offer…and all she needs are 41 students per year.

You could use The $500K Offer program to map your scalable service.

Krissy owns a copywriting business. She sells custom writing packages and each one is different. Her average contract is worth $5K and takes 12 hours to complete. Thus her hourly rate is $416.

She decides to create an “Annual Report In A Box For Health Agencies” packaged service for her $500K Offer. She charges $10K to produce an annual report and communication strategy. She lays out a clear service delivery process, and 80% of the work is completed by a junior team member. She invests two hours on each project. Her hard costs on her offer are $2K. She can produce 8 annual reports per quarter, and after expenses her hourly rate works out to $4K per hour.

Krissy creates a $500K Offer and sets herself up to: a) 10X her hourly rate and generate $500K over 1.5 years from a single offer…working a total of 100 hours.

But the most important reason you should buy The $500K Offer is what becomes possible for you when you “unhook” your income from your time.

Our clients who have successfully created truly scalable offers tell us:

  • They have more time and space than they have experienced in decades.
  • They have more money.
  • They are calmer, more grounded, and thus show up as a more powerful leader.
  • They take more and longer holidays.
  • They are able to focus on deep work and important creative projects.

Here are a few more reasons you should buy The $500K Offer:

  • You are ready to stop trading dollars for hours.
  • You have an income ceiling you want to break through.
  • You love your business but it’s “heavy” and you’re yearning for more freedom and space.
  • You want to impact more people.
  • You’ve considered creating a scalable offer but you’re not sure where to start.
How This Program Works

The $500K Offer combines laser coaching, insightful curriculum and 10 practical micro-tools to help you map out your premium scalable offer.

After coaching HUNDREDS of clients through this process, Eleanor has identified 6 core focus areas required to create a quality, premium offer:

  • Identify Complexity and Heaviness in Your Current Business Model.
  • Cut Weight and Generate the Energy and Resources To Scale
  • Identify Your Scalable Money Maker
  • Map Your Milestones
  • Renegotiate Your Highest Value To Your Company
  • ID Buyer #1.

By completing each of these steps, you’ll have a mapped out $500K Offer that’s ready to take to market. 

What Do You Get?

  • 6x 15 minute audio lessons from Eleanor – delivered straight to your phone – that you can listen to while going for a walk, working out, or sitting in your living room with a mug of tea. 
  • A digital workbook with THE BEST and most practical tools we have to help you map your program in under an hour a day.
  • 5x 60 minute LIVE, daily group coaching/Q&A sessions with Eleanor where you’ll receive tailored support and coaching to help you complete the program with a full, mapped out $500K Offer. These sessions are recorded and you’ll be able to submit questions before hand. 

Please note that live coaching sessions will be hosted on July 11, 12, 14 and 15 will run from 11 am-12 pm ET on Zoom. The session on July 13 will run from 12-1 pm ET on Zoom.

Client Results

Alison Nail Malone

When Bentonville, Arkansas leadership coach Alison Nail Malone started working with us, she had not yet broken 6 figures. Two years later, she 20X’d her annual revenue and is on track to hit $2M this year.

Cynthia Mason

Trademark attorney Cynthia Mason grew her revenues by 30%, 5x’d her number of weekly sales calls and is on track to hit 7 figures in 3 years.

Moe Carrick

Workplace expert Moe Carrick (who this program is named for!) used this process to consolidate 20 years of consulting work into a premium offer that has generated $500K in sales over 2 years.

Register Now $200 (USD)

Important: Our refund policy is…non-existent. 😉

We committed to making this program highly accessible and affordable. And creating great results in any coaching relationship is a partnership. We will show up and deliver for YOU. If you are uncertain, please take time to familiarize yourself with my work (500 podcast episodes, 200+ blog posts) and do your inner discernment.

About Eleanor Beaton & Safi Media

At Safi Media, our vision is to advance a model of economic growth that nourishes the planet one woman-owned business at a time. Our mission is to double the number of women founders who sustainably scale past $1M in annual revenues through storytelling, business coaching and entrepreneurship education.

We consult with policy makers, political leaders, corporations and NGOs to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that truly supports women founders to build cash rich companies that grow through their assets NOT their hustle.  We coach women founders around the world through our flagship program, Power + Presence + Position. 

Our founder, Eleanor Beaton is Canada’s best-known business coach for women founders. Recognized globally for her work in the field of women’s leadership, Eleanor is the former Chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management. She has won multiple prestigious awards in the field of journalism, coaching and entrepreneurship: she has been named Canada’s Leadership Coach of the Year by the Corporate Excellence Awards, Export Achievement Award from Nova Scotia Business Inc., the Hector Jacques Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence by the Black Business Initiative, finalist for the National Business Book Award and a National Magazine Award – Canada’s top honours for business writing.


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