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Get inspired as Eleanor shares transparent insights about her own journey bootstrapping a media and coaching company from a $5K business loan to millions in revenue.

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A practical business and leadership podcast for the established woman entrepreneur who wants to go from good to great.

Woman Owned™ brings you case-study style interviews where leading entrepreneurs and CEOs share detailed breakdowns of specific growth strategies, how they implemented them and the financial results.

Host Eleanor Beaton goes beyond pop psychology and woo to deliver hard-hitting insights on how social conditioning impacts women leaders and CEOs and what to do about it. Tune in weekly for practical growth playbooks on sales, marketing, wealth building and leadership.

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How to Build Your Team Without Going Broke

Eleanor Beaton—June 18, 2024

Join Eleanor this week as she gives you five fundamental rules for being an empathetic, compassionate, and great business owner to work for while ensuring a profitable and lucrative business. You’ll learn practical, actionable steps you can put into place to make sure you aren’t draining your company of profits, and tips for hiring employees who generate wins for your business.

The Simplify To Scale Solution: How Amanda Tress Cut a 7 Figure Revenue Stream to Build a 9 Figure Empire

Eleanor Beaton—June 11, 2024

In this episode, learn how Amanda Tress turned a side hustle into a multi-million dollar business. Discover her scaling strategies, the importance of focus and ruthless prioritization, and how she leveraged her expertise to build a digital fitness empire and go from 200K to over 70 million dollars, all while balancing the demands of a growing family and a thriving business.

16 Game-Changing Data Points All Women Entrepreneurs Need

Eleanor Beaton—June 4, 2024

In this very first episode of Woman Owned, Eleanor shares 16 game-changing data points that will put your growth challenges into perspective. This comes from the research Safi Media has gathered over the last seven years, and is derived from Eleanor’s work coaching over 700 women and her own experience as a founder in the top 1.7% of all women-owned businesses globally.