Learn How to Break Through the Blocks that Hold YOU Back!

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This roundtable is for every woman founder who is pumped and ready to break through their own barriers to become a financial badass.

During this conversation we talked about:

The KEY blocks that hold women back: shame, fear, insecurity, guilt, lack of confidence, procrastination, intimidation and busyness.  

In the insight-packed hour, we talked about the ways women can overcome those blocks to make lasting change to their financial mindset:

  • Think bigger, about the opportunities that money creates
  • Learn how to generate income without heavy lifting
  • Focus on pushing the most profitable projects
  • Price yourself into profit
  • Use good money management habits that will bring you profit

Please Note: There is NO MONETARY CHARGE for this roundtable, but there IS a fee. If you know of a woman who would benefit from the discussion… INVITE HER to join us. The best way to pay us forward is to share this event with women who’d benefit! Please share the link via social below!

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Featured Experts

Eleanor Beaton


Eleanor Beaton is a globally recognized expert on women’s entrepreneurship, and has served as an advisor on women’s leadership at the Yale School of Management. She is the founder of Safi Media, and she;s on a mission to double the number of women founders who sustainably scale past $1M in annual revenue. She has run high ticket coaching programs for women founders since 2015. Connect on LinkedIn.

Jackie Porter


Jackie Porter is an award-winning CFP and financial advisor in Canada who has been in the financial industry for the past 24 years serving thousands of families, established businesses, and professionals. Her practice focuses on cash flow management and tax planning strategies for small to medium-sized businesses who need someone at the table working on their behalf. She also helps professionals who are experiencing a life change and receive a settlement or severance package. Beside financial advising, she is a featured speaker and advocate for numerous corporate, professional and charitable organizations. https://askjackie.ca/resources-sign-up/

Lisa Larter


Lisa Larter is a Business Strategist, Digital Marketing Expert, Author and Speaker. Her business, the Lisa Larter Group helps their clients to formulate marketing strategies that support their business goals and objectives for increasing their visibility, leads and sales customer acquisition. Lisa provides consulting and advisory services as well as a full suite of implementation services that include social media and content management, book marketing campaigns, and website design.

Lisa recently launched her podcast, She Talks Business, where she shares the strategies that are necessary to start and scale your business beyond 7 figures...and keep it there.


Melissa Houston


Melissa has over 20 years of experience working in business accounting and her work includes industries such as tech startups, government, not for profits, public accounting firms and corporate accounting.

Melissa’s wide range of talent extends to corporate tax, personal tax, tax credits, internal controls, risk management, auditing and so much more.

Through this combined level of education and experience, Melissa realized that she loves teaching entrepreneurs how to manage their business finances. The more information and resources Melissa can get out to people, the happier she is.


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