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11 Real Life Statistics From 1Million + Downloads of My Podcast

Eleanor Beaton

This month, our podcast Fierce Feminine Leadership (now Power + Presence + Position) crosses one million downloads.

Creating and hosting the show is hands down one of my most FAVOURITE business activities.

And on an hourly basis, podcasting is also one of the most lucrative business activities.

That’s because the show that I started in April 2016 as an experiment, is today the cornerstone of what has amounted to a multi-million dollar marketing strategy.

Here are 11 statistics you will likely find enlightening and useful. Please note: these statistics come from a combination of sources including Libsyn, listener surveys, and company data.

Total number of podcast episodes produced (at time of writing): 380

Average downloads per episode: 2,631

Top 3 Audience Nationalities: United States, Canada and France

Number of Hours Per Month I Devote To My Podcast: 6

Number of Team Members Involved in producing and promoting Fierce Feminine Leadership: 5

Top 3 Personal Benefits of Podcasting: 1. Venue for creative expression and development of thought leadership. 2. Opportunity to interview women I admire. 3. Ability to make an impact and deliver value even to women who are not in a position to engage with my firm.

Top 3 Business Benefits of Podcasting: 1. Delivers highly qualified leads to our business. 2. Enhances sales conversion because our listeners already know, like and trust me. 3. Build a global platform.

Average Monthly Cost to Produce and Promote Our Podcast: $1.2k

Show Accolades: Fierce Feminine Leadership hit New & Noteworthy in iTunes status within first month of launching, and has ranked in the top 100 shows in iTunes for Education.

Age of average listener: 42

Education level of average listener: Advanced degree 

Average personal income of listener: $115k

Length of time I plan to continue podcasting: Forever 🙂

I hope you found these statistics useful.

And, if you’re an ambitious woman entrepreneur and you are determined to drive 6 and 7 figure breakthroughs in your business in 2020, book a Debrief call with my team.

Stay fierce,