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The Jewel Business Accelerator

What is a Jewel Business?

What to expect from your experience in The Jewel Business Accelerator

Design, launch and leverage your Six Figure Scalable Offer — a single offer capable of generating $100K+ of sales in a single year.

What you DON’T want

You have purchased endless business courses and read all the marketing books. You have “done the work” on yourself and attended numerous conferences. But you feel more confused than ever, trying to piece together the various tactics on your own, with no help.

  • You have worked with the trainers who wanted you to create a mirror image of their own business.
  • You have worked with the executive coaches who could help you process your thoughts but couldn’t advise on strategy.
  • You have worked with the marketing coaches who could tell you what to do but couldn’t help you with the mindset blocks that hold you back.
  • You have taken lots of business advice from people who have not yet created the results YOU want to create.

What You DO Want

You want to access a global network of diverse, intelligent, thoughtful women entrepreneurs who understand you and can support your growth. You want training, tools, and support from a team who have not only built a thriving 7-figure service business but have coached hundreds of clients to breakout success over the years.

  • You want experienced, thoughtful, and battle-tested guides who can take you by the hand and walk you through each step in order.
  • You want step by step training, templates, weekly strategic advisory group coaching calls, personal feedback on your work, and monthly 1:1 coaching.
  • You want to be surrounded by a community of 6 and 7 figure women entrepreneurs, which will help you uplevel even faster.