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Jewel Business Accelerator FAQs

Jewel Business Accelerator FAQs

Build Your 7-Figure Growth Ecosystem

No. The Jewel Business Accelerator is designed for women-entrepreneurs who run service-based businesses. We teach you how to scale with people, processes, and technology.

The Jewel Business Accelerator is designed specifically for service-based businesses. However, if you run a product-based business with gross sales of $1M+, you could be eligible to coach with Eleanor privately. Please submit an application here.

We encourage you to set aside 2-4 hours per week to work on your 7-figure ecosystem and design, launch and leverage your Six Figure Scalable Offer. Remember — this is time you are investing in building the assets that will produce impact and income for years to come. Will you work hard? Yes! But you’ll be building an asset.

Yes! Many of our clients already have 6 or even 7 figure businesses. But they are over-working, over-functioning and they know they need people, processes, and technology to scale. We will help you take everything you are already doing and take it to the next level. 

You’ll be in great company in this group, surrounded by other 6 and 7 figure business owners. 

Some of our clients are in the startup phase and work with us inside The Jewel Business Accelerator to help them launch their companies correctly from the start. Our 1:1 coaching and tailored supports allow us to create a customized support plan to help you build the correct foundation. 

Our members represent a variety of industries including but not limited to architecture, design, engineering, health sciences, human resources, leadership, finance, health and wellness…

You can complete your “Masters of Business Growth” from anywhere, and you’ll have access to our library of resources the moment you register. Plus, we’ll kick off with a personalized onboarding call to help create a customized action plan so you can reach your goals.