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Meet Team Safi

Safi Media is an education and business coaching company for women entrepreneurs.

Eleanor Beaton

Chief Executive Officer

Eleanor is a ridiculously bold and astoundingly brazen wife, mother of two boys, and entrepreneur. She has been recognized nationally and globally for her work as a women’s leadership expert, business coach, and writer.

Leon Beaton

Chief Financial Officer

Leon’s focus is using finance and analytics to ensure Safi Media has the resources we need to reach our ambitious mission. His spare time is devoted to coaching youth basketball and perfecting the art of smoking brisket.

Abby Jackson

Executive Assistant

Abby is the ultimate multitasker and problem-solver at Safi Media, keeping the wheels turning & running smoothly behind the scenes. She brings a unique blend of intuition and strategy to the company that keeps everything in balance. Whether it's scheduling meetings, organizing events, or ensuring seamless communication, Abby is the backbone of our operations. She’s a true believer in the power of successful women entrepreneurs and is dedicated to supporting the growth and success of Safi Media.

Rose Dalrymple

Director of Operations & Business Advisor

Rose is a certified coach and our resident Care Bear. Her superpowers include operational leadership and sales coaching skills that focus on driving growth in both revenue and profitability.

Irene Hart

Marketing Operations Lead

Irene is a former acheologist turned digital growth guru. After dusting off the debris from historic sites, she turned her focus to growing audiences, visibility and revenues by amplifying content through the right marketing channels.

Ariana Elsie McNally

Executive Coach

Ariana's expertise includes operations, sales, leadership and marketing novels (from sci-fi to romance). Her superpower is helping her clients connect the dots to simplify the complex.

Meredith Pickering

Customer Success Lead

Meredith campions our customers, raising them to succeed in their partnership with Safi Media. Our clients are safe in the hands of this former beauty influencer and pole dancer who thrives on bringing people together online and offline

Ashley Rainsbarger

Business Coach & Program Success Coordinator

Ashley is a certified coach and personal growth junkie with a Master’s degree in English Communications. Her favorite people are women business owners and her highest talents include helping them to cultivate emotional resilience & purposeful communication so they can experience steady, intentional growth on the journey of business.