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Women Entrepreneurs

Money is power. We’re on a mission to double the number of women-founded businesses that sustainably scale past 7 figures by 2030. JOIN US. Because when women build wealth, we all win.


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The Jewel Business Foundation

This 8-week program transforms experienced and overworked consultants, coaches and service providers into CEOs with C.I.A — cash, influence and autonomy. You will learn how to niche down, craft a scalable business model, and develop a powerful message that positions your company in a true Category of One.

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Join us on May 17th, 12-1pm ET

Her First Millions, Powered by TD

Women entrepreneurs CRAVE deep conversations, actionable insights and practical takeaways not simply from academics or management consultants…but from other women entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. In Her First Millions we lay bare the real, raw secrets of building a multi-million dollar business as a woman entrepreneur in Canada.

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Cynthia Mason, CEO, Mason PC trademarks and Founder, Markably
As a result of working with Safi Media, my year-end numbers were 40% higher than the year before. Cynthia Mason, CEO, Mason PC trademarks and Founder, Markably
Cynthia is a highly regarded trademark attorney helping entrepreneurs build wealth by protecting their IP.
Alison Nail Malone is the founder and CEO of Malone Consulting Group and the Glow Project
I’m a creative visionary. Systems are not my strong suit. Safi Media showed me how to set up my entire business in a way that is deeply intentional and supports not only revenue growth, but personal growth. Alison Nail Malone, Founder, Malone Consultants Group
Alison scaled her company from sub six figures to $2M+ after coaching with Safi Media.
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Judy Obersi, Co-Founder & Architect, Habit Studio
We've gone from being people who didn't know anything about business to now employing a group of seven women. Judy Obersi, Co-Founder & Architect, Habit Studio
Judy and her Co-Founder Lorrie Rand scaled their award-winning residential design firm Habit Studio to 7 figures+ while working with Safi Media. Read their story.
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Deb Boulanger, Founder, The Launch Lab for Women Entrepreneurs
I hit 300% of my Year-Over-Year revenue goal within 30 days of working with Eleanor. Deb Boulanger, Founder, The Launch Lab for Women Entrepreneurs
Gartner executive turned start up advisor Deb Boulanger is widely regarded as a product development and launch expert, with a strong passion for supporting women-led startups.
Anu Bidani, Founder, STEM MINDS & Inno-Hive
By implementing Eleanor's teachings, I have doubled my social media followers, tripled my mailing list, and am on track to triple revenues by year's end. Anu Bidani, Founder, STEM MINDS & Inno-Hive
Anu is an award-winning STEM entrepreneur and has been recognized as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women in the WXN Top 100 Awards.
Karen Wilson is the founder of West LA Neuropsychology and ChildNEXUS
It’s been unbelievable, the kinds of changes that have come about. We had our highest revenue month ever. Dr Karen Wilson, Founder, ChildNEXUS and Director, West LA Neuropsychology
Karen has been recognized as an AMEX 100 for 100 Founder of Change and a Forbes Next 100 honouring upstart entrepreneurs who are redefining the American dream.
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June Tavenor, founder of Catalyst Health Solutions
Within 18 months of working with Eleanor and her team, my revenues grew 10x to $1.5M June Tavenor, CEO, Catalyst Health Solutions
A pioneer in on-demand health care delivery, June’s firm advises governments on affordable, accessible health care and is trusted by major clients such as Disney Corp.
Andrea Henry, Founder, Henry Business Law
I made my investment back in the very first call, where Eleanor gave me the exact language and process to position my high-end offer Andrea Henry , Founder, Henry Business Law
Andrea is a University of Cambridge-educated lawyer on a mission to build generational wealth for women of colour through owning, protecting and leveraging their intellectual property.
Donna Hall, Founder, D Hall Professional Services
By applying what I learned in Power + Presence + Position, I made back my investment in Week 2. Donna Hall, Founder, D Hall Professional Services
Donna is bringing her powerful energy healing to corporate headquarters, selling her group programs to major corporate buyers.
The coaching, curriculum and community in the program gave me the confidence to take control of my business. In the first five minutes I had already made back the investment I had made in Power + Presence + Position. Ingrid Deon, Founder, Word Craft
Ingrid catapulted from a one-woman social media shop in a rural community to a thriving social media agency with multiple employees serving some of the nation’s best-known brands.
dawn cone, CEO, DSC Consulting Solutions
The investment I made to work with Safi Media came back to me more than 8x over within a few months. Dawn Cone, Founder, DSC Consulting Solutions
A highly regarded organizational psychologist and management consultant, Dawn works with major corporations to enhance employee engagement, performance and workplace culture.


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The show that teaches entrepreneurs how to THINK BETTER and MORE DEEPLY about business growth, strategy and leadership. 

Join award-winning journalist and entrepreneur Eleanor Beaton for an astute, funny show that combines big ideas with practical action, and makes you wiser, better informed and majorly inspired one episode at a time.

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