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Anchored Intelligence Podcast

Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton

The show that teaches entrepreneurs how to THINK BETTER and MORE DEEPLY about business growth, strategy and leadership. 

Each week we bring you actionable insight from leading academics, authors, innovators and globally recognized entrepreneurs. Our aim? Equip you with the wisdom, tools and expertise to build a world class company, culture and life. 

Join award-winning journalist and entrepreneur Eleanor Beaton for an astute, funny show that combines big ideas with practical action, and makes you wiser, better informed and majorly inspired one episode at a time.

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Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | Use Quiz Funnels To Generate Qualified Leads On The Cheap Featuring Chanti Zak

Use Quiz Funnels To Generate Qualified Leads On The Cheap Featuring Chanti Zak

Eleanor Beaton

One of the biggest assets in your business is your customers. The second biggest? Your email list. The more customized, highly-valuable content you provide to your email list, the more they are willing to give you money for your programs or services. One lucrative way to provide this value is through quiz funnels which perform … Continued

Anchored Intelligence with Eleanor Beaton | Aggressive Implementation

Aggressive Implementation

Eleanor Beaton

If you are an entrepreneur, the revenue that you generate is in direct proportion to the value you add to the marketplace. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be willing to consistently work on your priorities. You need sustained focus and urgency, and something I like to call aggressive implementation. When you look … Continued

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